Friday, January 10, 2014

The "Oh What The Future Holds" Hunt

By DrFran Babcock

The past year was a trying one for DrFran…unlucky in love, strapped with some financial woes, and destined to be another year older. The only break is the chance to go out and do a short little hunt or two to break the monotony of work, sleep, work, sleep. Of course, being too tired to hunt is a reality that means Desirée is going to be sent out for the task.

The Oh, What the Future Holds Hunt (OWTFH) is small enough to be completed in a short time, and the prizes are free. You are looking for a flat prim with a clock face on it, representing the passage of time and the future. The title of the hunt did not always match up with the prizes, but that’s of little consequence, because it’s really about the prizes. There was a nice mix of objects and clothes in this little hunt, and some stores that were different from the usual suspects.

Desirée not only hunted for the prizes, but set up her pictures at a few of the more interesting places in Second Life™. Here is what Desirée found: (SLurls will be provided this time, as they were available on the website.

Picture One – Taken at F R O S T ( )
Outfit: LC Designs (  ) Gemini Suit – comes with jacket, skirt, and nice mesh boots.
Ear Jewelry: Tres Belle ( ) – What the future holds ear jewelry. These elaborate attachments come with a color change HUD to modify the beads on the ear.

Picture Two – Taken at Rebecca Bashly’s Metales (

Picture Three – Taken at Amhas Cairn Gor ( )

Dress: Rozymyndi’s (  ) OWTFH Dress – this is a very old school type dress without any mesh, but it has a nice ethereal look to it. Desirée did not venture into the Gor Role Play area, but the grounds around it were very pretty.

Picture Four: an assortment of objects from the hunt.
1.     Fireplace (no poses) eXplicite Desgins ( )
2.     Mini 3D Tardis and saying for your wall – Dahlywood ( )
3.     Freeview TV (streams content into SL) : Rainbow Gallery ( )
4.     Think Positive Animated Pictures – SANNA Science and Art ( ) If you have never been to this store, I won’t spoil the surprise…just go.
Picture Five:
This is a really useful prize. This Stitches Creations ( ) Texture Change Snowy scene is very versatile. You can adjust both the picture in the frame and the type of wood from which the frame is made. Desirée chose the Tompkins Square Park scene, because she’s a New Yorker.

Picture Six:
The last item in the hunt is a gigantic fun ride created by Kerhop Seattle of KerhopsInnovations ( Kerhop is an old acquaintance of DrFran’s and their paths have crossed many times, most recently at Blender Classes at Ditko University (more about that another time). This prize is an awesome demonstration of the things that cam be accomplished in Second Life™. Perhaps it is best to let Kerhop describe the ride, in his own words, from the notecard packaged with the prize:
This single lap roller coaster features perfectly vertical climbs with swooping tilting where the visitor is flipped both upside-down and back right-side-up all with appropriate rolling-wheel and lift-hill sound effects. Inspired by first life "Screaming Squirrel" attractions featured around the world riders will smoothly move along the side-mounted track via non-Physics low impact scripts created with Vehicle Movement System V2 Low land impact vehicle created with both mesh and prims It has very minimal script impact, both when in use and not in use Images.
So, that’s the Oh, What the Future Holds Hunt—short, manageable, and with a nice assortment of prizes. The hunt runs until the 31st of January.  For more information, and hints for the prizes:

See you on the hunt trail!

DrFran Babcock 

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