Monday, March 10, 2014

Steelhead Shops Participate in Steam IX Hunt

By Grey Lupindo

Steampunk fans have been eagerly awaiting the Steam IX Hunt because it is the only Victorian steampunk-themed hunt that covers the entire SL grid.   The Hunt began March 1 and will run through the end of the month.   There are over 125 shops participating this year, including three that are located in Steelhead:  SparkWorks,  Luminous Designs, and St Helens Dry Goods.   
         SL resident Perryn Peterson organizes the Steam hunts.   He does a great job of keeping everyone informed about updates and issues while the hunt is in progress, too.   Peterson is also the Mayor of Mieville, where the Hunt begin.  The information center is at Mieville Doyle Victorian Steampu, Mieville Doyle (79, 72, 26).    Although I started there, I soon went off to Steelhead to check out the shops there.
          SparkWords is located at 135 Harbor View Way in Steelhead and can be found at SparkWorks, Steelhead (149, 224, 25).    It is Shop #58 in the Hunt, and located on the corner end of a Victorian brick building.  The space is long, narrow, and at least 2 stories high.  It sells a number of Steampunk gadgets and weapons.  
         Most of the shops in the Hunt will post a hint to help you find the steampunk gear that holds the prize and the landmark to the next shop.    The hint at SparkWorks read, “Don't get lost in all this space."    This was a tricky hint since it could mean a number of things.   The shop occupies a large area (space), but it also includes an item or two that are space related.    I began looking high and low for the elusive gear. 
           While I was hunting, resident RoseRed Ruby entered the shop.   I could tell she was also searching.   After a few minutes of hunting she zipped away, apparently having found the gear.   It took me a few more minutes of hard searching, but I finally found  it, too.   I can’t say any more about it, or the clever prize inside, because it might give away its location.   
           Next I went to Luminous Designs, which is at Steelhead St Helens (214, 33, 37).   I had a little trouble finding it by using the Hunt landmarks.  I teleported in but then had to walk a short distance to find the store.   However, the walk was very pleasant.   The cobblestone sidewalks are lined with pines and beautifully landscaped.    The store is very tall and easy to find. 
           By the time I reached Luminous Designs I was ready for a quick rest.   The decor, as well as the items in this shop, are very upscale.  LD sells Steampunk, pirate, kimonos, and other glamorous clothing for both men and women.   Near the stairs I spotted an ad for SL Newser hanging on the wall, another sure sign of a quality establishment. 
         The Luminous Designs store is very large, but it has an efficient teleporter.   I zipped up to the Steampunk section and began to hunt.    I found this gear very quickly, which left me some time to shop.   I took the steps up to the top floor, where there was a sale sign, and ultimately ended up looking all around the store.  
          The third shop on Steelhead is the dry goods shop found at Settlement 601 - St Helens Dry Goods Frontier Supplies, Steelhead St Helens (68, 156, 38).    St. Helens Dry Goods is Shop #117 in the Hunt.  They offer a very good cup of expresso to visitors, which I enjoyed while I looked around.  
             They have all the items you might expect in a dry goods store, including a little furniture, some lamps, a variety of hats, and even gentlemen’s walking sticks.    Plan to spend a few minutes looking around this quaint shop.  
           The other shops are located all over SL.   I visited Tamiron Forge, which is shop #11, located at Tamiron Forge, Island Dream (154, 38, 21).  The prize there is a Heavy Heart Neck Chain, which I am wearing in some of the pictures.   I found the gear in Shop #8, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, located at Mieville Twain (209, 168, 22).  I was rewarded with a beautiful pair of Lindy Alexia Special Red Boots.    I love boots!
           A few gears have eluded me, but I plan to find them before the Hunt is over.    One of these places, The Steam Rose, has secret rooms and lots of hidden treasures to see.   Find it at The Steam Rose, Chillium (175, 81, 1596).  It is one of the most imaginative places in SL and well worth a visit even if you don’t participate in the Hunt.  But I have a feeling that the prize here will be worth the effort.   I couldn’t find the gear during my first trip, but I had a great time looking for it.   Two other shops are nearby, Steaming Ahead and Gothics Musing, both located on Chillium and connected to The Steam Rose by paths, bridges, and teleporters.
           More information about the Hunt, including pictures of some of the prizes, can be found at    Happy Hunting!

Grey Lupindo

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