Monday, August 31, 2015

The Arena Men's Event

By Bloodykitty

 There's a lovely gacha event going on in a sim called, Acerbus Silva. Now this particular event is titled, "The Fantasy Gacha / The Arena Men's Event". Now as you can probably tell it's of course a fantasy gacha aimed towards men with clothing, makeup, accessories, and so forth. Of course though there are some things for women too! Whether it be clothing, makeup, eyes, or even accessories. While this type of theme interests me to a certain degree, I can't be the judge of how good it is, you'd have to see it for yourselfs. Unfortunately they didn't list a start and end date, if it was one, and their website listed in the landmark info does not work either for me.

While this place is really simple in beauty and appearance, it has a lot of vendors  around the sim if your willing to try and remember every one. If it comes to me? Well, I have a habit of forgetting if I was saw something or if I didn't see it yet, but there are a good amount for someone whos wanting to explore or just find cheap things to purchase. In general I find all kinds of gachas to be interesting in their own ways, and while I haven't been to a lot yet, I've seen enough. The one that stuck out to me was one for cute items for your avatars or land, especially themed to sweets, but thats for a different article. 

I really recommend to check the gacha out if your into fantasy or just willing to explore new sims. While the place may not have very much beauty in my eyes, it may in yours. All together I think the beautiful factor has nothing to do with the items there or whatever you may buy, I think just discovering something new is interesting in itself. Like I said earlier, I don't know if there's a start or end date to this event, or if their website on the landmark info will work for you all, because it didn't for me. Have fun exploring and getting nifty items!

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