Monday, August 3, 2015

The AniMagical Gacha Fair

By Bloodykitty

A wonderful event is going on from August 1st to the 30th, and it is called, "AniMAGICAL Gacha Fair!" in Bounty Reef. The sim is group owned as well, the group being named, AniOFFICIAL. This event basically as it's assumed, which is to buy items from gachas for a very good price. Though small, this beats finding some expensive eye colors, clothes, or even objects on the marketplace or in a regular store. While I am not into the whole magical vibe, the place seems to have more of a Harry Potter tone to it then just anime in general really. This kind of place would be more for Harry Potter fans then just anime style ones, but they do have a selection of kemono mods and skins too. In this particular gacha, you'll find magical themed items like witch costumes, furry type avatars or skins, staffs, and so forth. For someone who isn't into that sort of thing, this is a cute place with cute items. 
 Going onto the detail of the sim, I'd have to say it's decent for just being strictly in a building and not having land around it. I was tricked a little bit because in the search bar I just searched, 'AniMAGICAL' and had been teleported in an ocean rather then the store, and on the land there was a sandbox to unpack, which may be linked in a way with this event. To not put it down in any fashion, the buildings pretty decent with it's magic and Harry Potter vibe going on, it just doesn't suit my taste very much, but I can look past it rather then not. If your not an expert in finding things, locating the building just by typing in what I did won't help, you'll have to either go on SL's website or even tumblr, which is where I got the tp link. 

This event seems cute for the most part, not a lot of items, yet, if the amount now is not all they'll have. I didn't buy any items myself from it despite the good prices for gacha's usually, but that doesn't mean I don't recommend going there. If your a nerd for Harry Potter, magic, or anime style items, this is the event and place for you! I hope you have fun because it'll be around for quite awhile, so get there while you can!
Bounty Reef (30/40/2501)

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