Monday, July 20, 2015

Hair Hair Everywhere

By Syndra

IT'S HERE! Or rather IT's HAIR!

That's right my beautiful bunnies, the hair fair is here! From the 11th-26th of July, the yearly hair fair will be happening. There are plenty of new styles and hair fair exclusives; as well as some updates to some older styles. Shopping for a very good cause. A percentage of each sale goes towards Wigs For Kids. Providing natural looking wigs for children whom have illnesses which cause them to loose their hair. Its a wonderful charity and having hair can make a child feel very confident. Trust me I know. Guess what though, some stores are giving away hair fair exclusive gifts! Many sims of awesome hair gorgeousness. So, if you are looking for a new do go to the Hair Fair! Spend some cash and do some good. Don't miss out.

Adoness.180L$-280$L. Fatpacks are 850$Leach. Cute short style, I personally think this would look awesome with a leather outfit.

​This is called Celeste by Alice Project and is rigged mesh. 10 color packs available from 300$L-900$L and the all might fatpack for 1350$L.

​Cute piggy tails from Ayashi, This is called Miko. 250$L-400$L and the fatpack is1500$L.

​Speaking of pig tails! Check out Harley and Harajuku. Just wow! There are many shades available, something to suit everyone if this is your style. It most definitely is mine. The fatpack for each of these is just 1500$L each.

Go get your hair bunnies! See you there.

-Love Syn

PS: <--------------------This will take you to blonde. See you there!

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