Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bargain Bikinis for the Beach

by Syndra (katakanna)

Hello dear readers,

  Are you low on cash? Did you save and save for a brand new mesh body and skin combination, spending every last linden you have or close to it? Want to hit the fabulous beaches here in Second Life and have absolutely nothing to wear? Fret not my dear beach bunnies. No need to be blue. Syn has got you covered. Show off your sexy shape while still keeping your naughty bits to yourself and your pennies safely in their jar.

All of the gems in the collage are a few of many on the marketplace available for one or even zero linden. Who knew?! Some even come with appliers for TMP, WowMeh and Maitreya.

Whether you have a mesh body, or a non-mesh shape. Standard sized mesh is the way to go. Remember bunnies, Ms. Monroe said it best; 'You make your body fit the clothes not the clothes fit your body'. If it doesn't quite fit, don't be afraid to make slight modifications.

So don't be blue my sinfully decadent little bunnies. Hop on the market place and find yourself a free or nearly free little bunny outfit, that will accentuate all that you are.