Monday, October 13, 2014

DrFran’s Alt Goes Shopping

By "Desirée"

Poor DrFran is suffering from horrible writer’s block, so I am taking over her position for a while. Although she is quite inactive, I have been all over the grid, because October is my favorite month. After all, it’s the month of Halloween—time for ghouls and ghosts, and DrFran’s favorite: bats.

Join me for a look at some of the mostly free (no more than one Linden) items available, as well as a look at two of the scary sims featured on the Destination Guide for horror month.

An Entire Look, Entirely Free

For October there are gifts and hunts galore. It’s always easiest to find clothing, but I worked especially hard to find skin and hair that were free. So this first batch of photos is a look that can be had for no Lindens!

Photo 1: Taken at Havenhollow. This build was in world last Halloween, and provided days of fun. Not only is the build an accurate recreation of a small town in the Fall, but it’s also a place where you can go Trick or Treating! Grab a bucket and go, or just hangout out in the neighborhood playground. It’s fun and unpredictable.

Picture 1 - Desirée is wearing:

Skin: Lumae Evie – Lady Death - October Group Gift (free to join). What a great skin for the season. Half ghoulish/half gorgeous; it makes a perfect base for your Halloween costumes. Hair: *Milk*   Chatterbox – *Milk* has morphed into *SOONSIKI* Hair, but if you go and join the new group (free), you can get this hair that is long and flowy, but has an added bonus. The hair comes with a whopping ten HUDs that will change the color of the hair to almost any shade you might want. I chose dirty blond, but you have almost one hundred colors from which to choose.
Shoes: Lindy’s New and Retro Shoes Odea Boots. I love the texture on these boots that are free in the Into the Darkness Hunt.
Dress: This slinky dress that comes with guns and hip holsters is from the 007 James Bond Hunt, and it’s by MishMash Fusion. There is also a man’s suit in the prize. ( )
Jewelry: Lazuri Touch of Stone Fuschia Necklace and Earrings. Lazuri makes great jewelry, and these items are available free in their main store. ( )

Not Free, But Almost

The second batch of goodies were photographed on Nightmare at the Park ( ). Grab a flashlight, and explore the house on the hill.

Outfit: Miss Mischief Halloween Gift for the Heebie Jeebie Hunt. (one Linden)
Jewelry: Lazuri Color-change Pearl Drop Earrings and Beads. I love color change items, because they can be worn with so many diferent outfits.
Booties: Lindy’s Aiden Boots from the 007 James Bond Hunt

Do You Need Halloween Decorations?

I want to share with you one more hunt, because the prizes are all free, and are of very high quality. The Malice in Wonderland Hunt is a winner for a few reasons. First, it is a pretty easy hunt. There are only ten prizes (multiples in some boxes), and they are in one store, and not too difficult to find. You are looking for ten brains, zombie fans, and they are filled with entire trees and grasses, and a spooky house, and great fog, that DrFran is using at a Halloween party, if she ever gets moving again. Check out the photo to get an idea of the quality of the prizes.

Happy Halloween

It’s up to you to take advantage of all the special love that happens at this time of year. Let the holidays begin!

Links for Hunts:
Heebie Jeebie Hunt:
Malice in Wonderland Hunt: