Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Treats From Our SL Designers

By Mylie Foxclaw

As Christmas approaches, our Second Life designers have been putting out some wonderful gifts for the residents.  For this post, I will be showing you a few gifts you should not miss out and how you can style them for a great overall look.

First of all, this sexy silver dress is a free Christmas gift from Paperarrow and the headband is a gift from Oleander.  The dress looks great to go clubbing and with the festive season, the deer headband is a cute addition.  I opted for the Fenella hair (without the hat) which is available at Truth for and the Kyrra Heels from Ricielli.  Of course, you can always style this dress with a shorter hairdo and a matching pair of silver heels.  You will find the dress and headband near the huge Christmas tree at the paperarrow sim, in the middle. 

Style Card 1:
Headband: Deer Romance from Oleander!
Dress: Cami Silver dress from Paperarrow

For the second look, I am wearing the Katia Hoodie from Mooh!  It is a hunt gift from the Peace on Earth Hunt that is currently going on.  I’ve paired this up with my favourite ripped jeans from Blueberry and by ankle boots from Ingenue.  The hair I am wearing is called Enjoy by Elikatira.  Concerning the headband, it’s another gift from Oleander, available at the Paperarrow sim.

Style Card 2:
Headband: Kitten Romance from Oleander -

I decided to hunt for a few more gifts from the Peace on Earth hunt and I will show you two beautiful evening gowns which you would not want to miss out.  First, this pink gown is from Ghee! and it is very classic and elegant.  I opted for the Sugar updo from Truth (A VIP group gift).  For a classic dress like this, it is nice to go for an elegant updo that will add that lovely touch of glamour. 

Style Card 3:
Hair: Sugar from Truth Hair (VIP Group gift)    

The next gown is from Sascha’s Designs and I’m very in love with that colour.  This dress has a sexier flair to it and I opted for the Venus hair by Truth.  As for the heels, I’m wearing my Glamistry Dianthus heels for with both dresses. (They are hidden under the dress, so you can wear any type of high heels)

Style Card 4:
Dress: Aurianna Aqua Gown from Sascha’s Designs

I can say that our SL Designers are really spoiling us with these wonderful treats for Christmas!

Note: This year marks the 9th edition of the Peace on Earth Hunt that takes place every year in second life.  You will find more information about the hunt on their official webpage:

Mylie Foxclaw

Friday, December 2, 2016

Three Different Looks For Cold Weather

By Mylie Foxclaw

Today I have three nice looks that works great for the cold weather.  These looks are different from each other and will suit different tastes.  If you want to go for something sexy or very cute, you are sure to find something in this post.  The best part is that it involves some nice deals!

First, this sexy casual look works great for days out.  The sweater dress from Hilly Haalan is available for only L$99 and there are around 40 choices of colours, including some cool animal prints.  I paired this up with my Nikki boots from Mutresse which cost me L$188.  You can also change the colours of the boots with the hud.  I picked the Deja hair from Truth Hair to complete the overall look.  This is a VIP group gift that was available in the previous round.  The group costs L$250 to join but every month, Truth Hawks will be offering an exclusive hair (Fatpack!!) to the group.

As I strolled around the Hilly Haalan store, I noticed this chic sweater which is available at their wall of group gifts.  Who does not love a nice freebie and it definitely makes a nice evening wear look for the cold weather.  I paired this up with my skinny jeans and the Kyra stilettos from Ricielli which is a hunt prize for the Halloween hunt that is going on till early December!  I decided to wear the hair Sugar which is also a VIP group gift from Truth Hair.

For the last style, I decided on something cute and girly that fits best for extremely cold days.  The Wayne sweater is from Neve and comes with two choices of scarves.  The Wayne sweater costs L$300. I kept the same skinny jeans which seem to match nicely with the sweater and my Stagioni boots in grey that cost L$550.  I picked the Lena hair from Elikatira which was free from hairology.  It comes in a variety of shades as well.  
These three different looks will work great for this season and there are some great bargains that should not be missed! 

Styling cards:

Look 1:
Hair: Deja (Gift from Truth VIP Group)

Sweater Dress: ALLA from Hilly Haalan

Look 2:
Hair: Sugar (Gift from Truth VIP Group)

Sweater: Rina Sweater (Group Gift) from Hilly Haalan

Jeans: ‘Spiked Jeans’ light by Ricielli -

Look 3:

Jeans: ‘Spiked Jeans’ light by Ricielli -

Mylie Foxclaw

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Right Shoes for the Right Outfit

By Mylie Foxclaw

Being stylish is not just about the clothes you are wearing but it also depends on other factors.  You may be wearing a fantastic dress but if you pair it with the wrong shoes, you might be looking odd or as we say in our trendy jargon, a ‘fashion faux-pas’.  Today, we will focus on wearing the proper shoes for different types of outfits.

First, let’s check out pants and jeans.  Just like real life, one can use jeans to create different types of looks and shoes are an important part of the look.  However in SL, we have to be especially careful about the jeans’ cuffs when we pick our shoes.  If you have rolled up cuffs or flared pants, you can opt for sneakers for a sporty look or a pair of heels or some flat ballerina shoes to add a feminine touch to your overall look.  For instance, in the first picture I opted for the Vernon sneakers in pink shade and in the next picture, I went with the Dianthus Heels from Glamistry.  The flat ballerina shoes in the third picture are from garbaggio.

The trick with jeans is to avoid the edge of shoes to touch your pants.  Else you will end up with something like in the picture below. 

This is a shame because the Wendy heels from Ricielli are very cool and trendy but because it does not work with pants, you can’t see the real beauty.  The picture below shows the same heels in Pumpkin shade.  These heels can be worn with casual shorts, skirts, capris and dresses but must definitely be avoided with pants or jeans. 

However, you can still wear jeans with high boots.  In this case, look for layers pants instead of mesh rigged pants as they will never get in the way.  If you still want to use rigged mesh pants with your boots, you can still opt for those with a tight cuff or mesh leggings that are made to fit with boots.  For example, in the picture below, the boots have been paired with applier jeans.  These boots and jeans are available at Beautiful Dirty Rich in the rain over me Outfit pack.

If you are wearing a short dress or skirt, you can always opt for boots, sandals or high heels such as pumps or stilettoes but that will depend on the style.  For instance, the Wendy heels by Ricielli (shown previously) or the Alma boots from Ingenue shown below can be paired up with casual or bohemian types of dresses.  While the Wendy heels add a sexy flair, the Alma boots give a cuter touch.  When you opt for very casual outfits, avoid the classic shiny pumps as they will not match.  You want everything to blend well.

If you have a little black dress for a formal event, you will definitely opt for high heels.  You can always go for black pumps or be adventurous and opt for classy red shoes.  You want to look classy and something with a slight shine will be more appropriate.  Your shoes will be very visible with a short but classy dress, so choose wisely.  For instance, the Dianthus heels from Glamistry (previously shown) will work very well for short dresses or you can opt for something similar to the Dreamer pumps from Beautiful Dirty Rich (available in the Dare to Dream Outfit). 

If you are wearing a long gown, note that your shoes will go unnoticed most of the time.  So you can simply opt for classic pumps or open toe heels but you don’t need to invest on shoes that usually stand out.  You can opt for a colour close to your dress or if you have address in dark shades, opt for black heels and if your gown is of a lighter shade, opt for white or pastel tones. 

A pair of classic pumps in black usually works for a lot of outfits and thus, it is a must have.  You can wear it with your formal gown, something gothic/punk, an office style or look or your casual jeans.  If you want something beachy like, sandals and flip-flops are the way to go.  They work well with flowery dresses or shorts or your favourite swimwear.

The beaded sandals from Envie are a fun addition or you can go simple with these pair of flip-flops from Paper Arrow.  

The next time you are picking your shoes, consider these styling tips.  Remember that not all types of shoes work for every outfit.  Take your time whenever you want to get new shoes.  There are many designers who design great shoes in SL, so you will find the perfect pair for any outfit!

Shoes used in the pictures:
  1. Vernon Shoes by {kokoia} Exclusive Designs
  2.  Dianthus shoes by Glamistry -
  3.  Ballerina Shoes- Garbaggio -
  4. Wendy Shoes by Ricielli (Hunt Item till December)
  5. Boots from ‘Rain Over Me’ outfit by Beautiful Dirty Rich
  6. Alma Boots by Ingenue
  7. Dreamer Pumps from ‘Dare to Dream’ outfit by Beautiful Dirty Rich 
  8. Beaded Sandals by Envie 

 Mylie Foxclaw

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fall Outfits

By Mylie Foxclaw

Wondering what to wear this fall?  Today I have two looks that look comfortable yet chic and trendy.  These are two quick looks that require just a few minutes to put together.  Whether you are using a standard shape or a mesh shape, these two looks are compatible for both. 

Outfit 1 – After the Rain

If you hate spending too much time shopping or putting a look together, you will love the ‘After the Rain’ outfit from Beautiful Dirty Rich.  This outfit is available in a variety of colours which include red and purple.  I picked the brown one as the colours work perfectly for this season.  It comes with a cardigan, vest and t-shirt as well as jeans, boots and a cap.  Furthermore, you will find a hud that gives you a range of prints in brown shades to choose from for the cardigan as well as colours for the boots, vest, the t-shirt, the buttons and embellishments.  Thus, you can personalize your look according to your preferences.  You can choose any type of hair for this look but if you like the hair I am wearing in the picture, it is called ‘No’ by Magika.   The ‘After the Rain’ outfit costs L$200 and the hair costs L$260 and comes in different shades. 

Outfit 2- Casual Chic for the Fall

For this second look, I chose this cute off shoulder sweatshirt by Très Blah.  It is currently available for the October round of Collabor88 after which you will find it in the Très Blah store.  There are a variety of shades to choose from.  Mine says ‘C’est la vie’ which means ‘its life’ in French.  I paired this up with my favourite jeans, the spiked jeans light from Ricielli but you can choose your own.  My personal trick when wearing shirts and jeans is to wear the jeans in a size or two smaller.  This way, your shirt will not poke through your jeans where they meet.  To add a bit of glamour to this look, I opted for this pair of high heels open-toe shoes called Dianthus from Glamistry in black.  I think it also adds some sexiness to the look.  For the hair, I suggest to opt for buns, short hair, or braided hair; anything that leaves the shoulder exposed since this is what makes the sweater so feminine even though it’s a casual look.  I am wearing the hair Malea from Truth in dark brown shades.    The sweater currently costs L$188 at Collabor88.  The hair is L$250 and the shoes are L$479.  The jeans are available at L$265. 

These two looks are perfect for this season.  They look so comfortable yet feminine and trendy.  You can also add your own personal touch to them. 

Styling Cards:
Outfit 1 - After the Rain outfit:
Outfit: ‘After the Rain – Brown’ by Beautiful Dirty Rich –

Outfit 2 – Casual Chic for the Fall
Sweatshirt: ‘Olsen Sweatshirt’ by Très Blah for Collabor88 -
Jeans: ‘Spiked Jeans’ light by Ricielli -

Just a note: Ricielli started a Halloween hunt on the first November till the first of December.  You will need to hunt for a Halloween pumpkin and each pumpkin costs L$15.  Hunt items include shoes, clothing and a handbag for women.  Check the advert below for the list of items.

Mylie Foxclaw

Monday, October 31, 2016

Affordable Halloween Looks

By Mylie Foxclaw

It’s Halloween and you want to find a cool costume but there’s a problem, you cannot afford something expensive.  Well, I have two fun Halloween looks for you and the best part is that it does not require a lot of L$.

This Halloween I decided that I wanted to be a witch.  I decided to hunt for a black dress that would suit the look I had in mind; something classic.  I decided to visit Coco designs in second life.  It is a cool store that has clothing for both ladies and men.  As I strolled by the group gift section, I spotted a cool pointy hat along with some spooky boots.  I also noted that the designer had also put out a dress called Wednesday which is inspired from the character Wednesday Addams from ‘The Addams Family.’  The group at Coco is free to join and there are a variety of group gifts available for ladies.

Now, if you wish to turn into Wednesday Addams this Halloween, this dress would be the perfect one.  You just need to find some black shoes to match the dress.  I have recently found a set of free shoes on Garbaggio’s marketplace store.  The shoes work well for slink and normal feet and comes with a hud that allows you to change the colour.  You can find a pair of nice black stockings at Avicandy (on the marketplace) for L$49.  Wednesday Addams wears her jet black hair in long pigtails.  I suggest the ‘Enjoy’ hair from Elikatira which costs L$285.  Makeup is optional for this look but you can add dark lipstick or eye make up for the sake of a scary effect.  Glamorize is my favourite store for makeup layers as they are very cheap but of good quality. The pack I picked is L$10  You are now the SL Wednesday Addams!

As I have previously mentioned, I planned to be a witch for Halloween this year.  I decided to stick to the Wednesday dress by Coco.  I also got the Witch Hat which is free as well.  I decided that I would find something more edgy concerning my shoes.  I wanted to have something with skulls.  I found the Buffy Heels from Illy to be perfect.  They currently cost only L$50 as a special Halloween sale and the colour hud allows you to change the colours from dark red to green or black.  In fact, these shoes can work with various types of Halloween costumes or gothic outfits. 

Since my dress is very neat, I decided to pair that up with torn stockings.  I looked up on Avicandy’s marketplace store and found some good choices.  I picked the Fishnet Style 3 Torn pack which costs L$49. 

Next on my list was hair.  A friend recently told me that Little Bones had a few hair packs as group gifts.   It costs L$100 to join the group but you can pick the various group gifts which include fatpacks and some specific colour packs.  I found that it was a great deal.  I decided on the Chorus hair and the fun part is that the right part of the hair is a different colour from the left part and the hud has some great colour combinations. Furthermore, the hair comes in three different sizes and the small size works perfectly with the witch hat from Coco. 

For the makeup, I decided to pick the Halloween Makeup - Spider Web Classic from CottonCANDYmonsteR which costs L$15 on the marketplace.  It is a Halloween eye makeup layer with the design of a spider web around each eye.  You can add some lipstick of your choice or leave your lips as they are.  I picked a red lipstick from Glamorize since it matches the colour I picked for my shoes.  Your SL witch look is now ready!

You now have two fun but affordable looks to rock this Halloween!  The links to the stores or marketplace products are provided below.  I wish you a great Halloween.  Send us your halloween pictures, we'll be happy to see how you dressed up this year!


Styling Card:

Wednesday Addams Look

Hair - Enjoy by Elikatira -

Dress - Wednesday

Shoes- Garbaggio -

Stockings - AviCandy -

Lipstick & Eye Makeup -

Scary Witch Look

Hair - HairLittle Bones Group Gift - Chorus (S) -

Witch Hat - Coco Designs Group Gift -

Eye Makeup - CottonCANDYmonsteR -

Lipstick - Glamorize -

Dress - Coco Designs Group Gift - Wednesday

Shoes:Buffy skull Heels by Illy


Mylie Foxclaw

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Halloween "Shop Til You Drop"

By Becky "Sha" Shamen

In the world of Second Life, we wear a costume of avatar and clothing all the time. Is it any wonder that Halloween is a favorite time of year for many residents? There will be countless theme parties and haunted house destinations to report on. All this fun inspires us to dress up our own avs and homes, with a few shopping adventures. What could be better than finding 20 shops, dedicated to Halloween, all in one location. An avid shopper, we checked out an event that runs until October 31, called "Shop 'Til You Drop." The landing puts one in the center of the sim, with eight blocks of about 20 shops.

Keeping in the spirit, we sent Thing (from the Addams Family), to take notes and pictures. The layout of the streets made it easy to zig-zag through and see all of the shops. We found lots of clothing, for both conventional and mesh and even a shop for "Dinkies." You could also find accessories, to enhance your costume. The Thing gave a thumbs up, at the vendor for Halloween painted nails.

Down the street, we found a shop that sold full scale animated skeleton bots, including a caged go-go dancer that shakes her pelvis and a butler that serves drinks. Thing posed for a picture with three sitting on a coffin, in the classic see no, hear no, speak no evil pose. We are tempted to return to get a prim count, to see if it would work in one of the tower rooms, back at our castle.

 At another furniture shop, Thing got downright silly, trying to give a "hi-five" to a chair shaped like a hand. This relationship would never have worked, because the chair was only into big butts. Thing made up for this silliness, by finding a mesh dress shop, with a gown that Sha would surely find "to die for".

Whenever possible, one should always try the demo, before buying mesh clothing. We returned home, to prepare Sha for a visit, including some custom spooky lighting. The demo was a perfect fit, so by the time you see this, she will already have worn it to her next event, along with some bat wings.

   Before we went to explore, we had no idea of where this story would take us. It turned out to be a lot of fun and even Sha found something she couldn't live without. We recommend that readers get off their butts and send in a hand, before the witching hour arrives.

Tournant (116/125/40)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Some "Fashion For Life" Outfits

By Gemma Cleanslate

I have been roaming through all the  shops in all the sims of the Fashion for Life and buying some lovely spring outfits . There are so many lovely choices it is hard to stop shopping.This outfit is from Sweettea in the Pin Up region and it really is sweet! I comes in a glass of tea which when you wear it to open the animation gives you a drink of tea and a look of enjoyment. It is classy and fun and makes great dayware!

My next purchase was in the David Bowie Tribute sim at ::MM:: . since I fish a lot in sl I like jeans and tees. This one was perfect for the spring weather and I can wear a belly jewel with it too! The jeans are textured and the tee is a shaded purple. 

While I was in that region I stopped in at The Grey Goose , a sponsor of the sim. There was so much to choose from! I sent a slurl to some male friends since it had so many choices for men. I picked up a little black number that will be perfect for clubbing! I think it can be dressed up or down.

The Fashion for Life will be open until March 20 . Don’t miss the opportunity to see a lot of your favorite designers all in one place. Remember there are 7 sims full ….. and entertainment !  Here is the entry to The Grey Goose to start you off. It is in the” middle” of the David Bowie Tribute sim.

Gemma Cleanslate

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fashion For Life 2016 Preview

By Gemma Cleanslate

I am not renowned for my take on fashion but for the next week and more I will be roaming the sims of the Fashion for Life looking for spring and summer clothes and other goodies. This event is a fundraiser for the Relay for Life which as you know supports The American Cancer Society, whose reach is global.  I was helping to get the Mission houses ready on each sim. There is information in each one to help with resources and information for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers and the general public. I doubt that there is anyone who does not know someone who has not  had this disease touch someone they knew. Stop in to one of the Mission Houses while you are shopping.
“The Clothing Fair 2016 promises to be even better than ever, featuring:Over 150 Clothing Designers,Live Music and DJ’s to keep you entertained while you shop ,Photo Contest, Fashion Shows,Treasure Hunts, And Much, Much, More.”
 The regions are absolutely stunning each in its own way. Each was created by its own builder and reflects their vision of a great place to shop. The builders of each sim are 

Geryn Sloane – Beatles

Null Aries (Mac) - Moulin Rouge

Darkstone Aeon – Narnia

Jara Lowell – Vikings

 Grace Loudon - David Bowie

KT Syakumi, - Bladerunner

Thathy Slade - 1960 Pin Up

 Quinlan Placebo - Entertainment I 

Rowena Dubrovna and cυddly waғғle (Cuddly Waffle)- Special Events
 The event opens Sunday at 1:00 officially and will be going on until March 20. This landing point will put you into Moulin Rouge . Have fun and shop!!

Gemma Cleanslate