Monday, August 31, 2015

The Arena Men's Event

By Bloodykitty

 There's a lovely gacha event going on in a sim called, Acerbus Silva. Now this particular event is titled, "The Fantasy Gacha / The Arena Men's Event". Now as you can probably tell it's of course a fantasy gacha aimed towards men with clothing, makeup, accessories, and so forth. Of course though there are some things for women too! Whether it be clothing, makeup, eyes, or even accessories. While this type of theme interests me to a certain degree, I can't be the judge of how good it is, you'd have to see it for yourselfs. Unfortunately they didn't list a start and end date, if it was one, and their website listed in the landmark info does not work either for me.

While this place is really simple in beauty and appearance, it has a lot of vendors  around the sim if your willing to try and remember every one. If it comes to me? Well, I have a habit of forgetting if I was saw something or if I didn't see it yet, but there are a good amount for someone whos wanting to explore or just find cheap things to purchase. In general I find all kinds of gachas to be interesting in their own ways, and while I haven't been to a lot yet, I've seen enough. The one that stuck out to me was one for cute items for your avatars or land, especially themed to sweets, but thats for a different article. 

I really recommend to check the gacha out if your into fantasy or just willing to explore new sims. While the place may not have very much beauty in my eyes, it may in yours. All together I think the beautiful factor has nothing to do with the items there or whatever you may buy, I think just discovering something new is interesting in itself. Like I said earlier, I don't know if there's a start or end date to this event, or if their website on the landmark info will work for you all, because it didn't for me. Have fun exploring and getting nifty items!

Monday, August 3, 2015

The AniMagical Gacha Fair

By Bloodykitty

A wonderful event is going on from August 1st to the 30th, and it is called, "AniMAGICAL Gacha Fair!" in Bounty Reef. The sim is group owned as well, the group being named, AniOFFICIAL. This event basically as it's assumed, which is to buy items from gachas for a very good price. Though small, this beats finding some expensive eye colors, clothes, or even objects on the marketplace or in a regular store. While I am not into the whole magical vibe, the place seems to have more of a Harry Potter tone to it then just anime in general really. This kind of place would be more for Harry Potter fans then just anime style ones, but they do have a selection of kemono mods and skins too. In this particular gacha, you'll find magical themed items like witch costumes, furry type avatars or skins, staffs, and so forth. For someone who isn't into that sort of thing, this is a cute place with cute items. 
 Going onto the detail of the sim, I'd have to say it's decent for just being strictly in a building and not having land around it. I was tricked a little bit because in the search bar I just searched, 'AniMAGICAL' and had been teleported in an ocean rather then the store, and on the land there was a sandbox to unpack, which may be linked in a way with this event. To not put it down in any fashion, the buildings pretty decent with it's magic and Harry Potter vibe going on, it just doesn't suit my taste very much, but I can look past it rather then not. If your not an expert in finding things, locating the building just by typing in what I did won't help, you'll have to either go on SL's website or even tumblr, which is where I got the tp link. 

This event seems cute for the most part, not a lot of items, yet, if the amount now is not all they'll have. I didn't buy any items myself from it despite the good prices for gacha's usually, but that doesn't mean I don't recommend going there. If your a nerd for Harry Potter, magic, or anime style items, this is the event and place for you! I hope you have fun because it'll be around for quite awhile, so get there while you can!
Bounty Reef (30/40/2501)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hair Hair Everywhere

By Syndra

IT'S HERE! Or rather IT's HAIR!

That's right my beautiful bunnies, the hair fair is here! From the 11th-26th of July, the yearly hair fair will be happening. There are plenty of new styles and hair fair exclusives; as well as some updates to some older styles. Shopping for a very good cause. A percentage of each sale goes towards Wigs For Kids. Providing natural looking wigs for children whom have illnesses which cause them to loose their hair. Its a wonderful charity and having hair can make a child feel very confident. Trust me I know. Guess what though, some stores are giving away hair fair exclusive gifts! Many sims of awesome hair gorgeousness. So, if you are looking for a new do go to the Hair Fair! Spend some cash and do some good. Don't miss out.

Adoness.180L$-280$L. Fatpacks are 850$Leach. Cute short style, I personally think this would look awesome with a leather outfit.

​This is called Celeste by Alice Project and is rigged mesh. 10 color packs available from 300$L-900$L and the all might fatpack for 1350$L.

​Cute piggy tails from Ayashi, This is called Miko. 250$L-400$L and the fatpack is1500$L.

​Speaking of pig tails! Check out Harley and Harajuku. Just wow! There are many shades available, something to suit everyone if this is your style. It most definitely is mine. The fatpack for each of these is just 1500$L each.

Go get your hair bunnies! See you there.

-Love Syn

PS: <--------------------This will take you to blonde. See you there!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Dress For Success

by Syndra

   Hello my beautiful bunnies!

As many of you know, a little while back I wrote a piece about finding a job. Well, I decided to touch back on the topic but of course from a fashion standpoint. Actors and actresses have it right, when they go in for a casting call. Look the part that you are wanting to play! Simple and effective advice, don't you think?

But Syndra...what does that mean for me when I am trying to get a job? Well what that translates to is, dress for the job you are going after. In secondlife more often than not, the adult industry is the job of choice for many females.

Recently, I sat down with a wonderful, talented and "...totally awesome." woman named Nyx(Sweetness Resident) ​ who is the Club Manager at Plush. Plush is an adult club that has been open for about four months now and as a hiring manager, I thought she would be a great person to ask about dressing for success in this particular industry.

Plush and other clubs like it are as Nyx (Sweetness Resident) explains, " the business of sex, so looks are EVERYTHING." She further went on to tell me, "...We now require mesh hands, feet and hair. If you don't have those three things, we can't consider you."

In an industry that is all about the appearance of their girls that is a very fair requirement to have. Before you even consider applying for any job, I suggest that you understand and do a little research as to its industry standards. That will save you the disappointment of not being able to be considered before you even speak your first words.

Specifically referring to the strip club and adult entertainment industry, I asked her what would be appropriate for potential employees to show up to the interview in; and if in an extreme example, being naked might be an option.

Nyx (Sweetness Resident) with a very charming sense of humor and a great bit of advice said, "...Hahahah I know we are a strip club but never show up to anything naked (laughter)." She clarified by 'anything' she meant any interview. ..."but since it is a strip club, you have some leeway. If I were to suggest something I would say to steer clear of winter coats and full body cover ups, try wearing something that shows off what you are going to be showing off on stage. It can even be a low cut top with form fitting jeans. Stick to your style but show that you know what sexy is."

Honestly, I think this is great advice coming from an industry expert. Hopefully this will help all of you bunnies out there when you are shopping or putting together an outfit for an interview at clubs such as Plush.

Picking her brain, I asked her a question that we often ask ourselves. Classy vs. Trashy. As the Club Manager at an adult establishment, I am sure that she's seen her fair share of both. .."For me personally I think less is more. I know that's a cliche but i think its crucial. Some girls have too much going on. Their makeup is super heavy , and their outfits are all these different patterns. And don't get me started with low quality tattoos. Tattoos can be sexy but when too much is going on it adds to the mess. Simple makeup, a nice simple sexy outfit and a light/small tattoo looks way better. You don't want to look like a crazy bag lady and that's how I define trashy....tacky." Nyx(Sweetness Resident) further went on to say, "..It all depends how to put things together. Like someone could pull off some of the negative things I said, you just have to have an eye for the line between sexy and trashy. But I also think it plays into personal style. Men like different things. Someone might get an instant boner from the tacky description I gave. (laughter)"

I have to agree with her, personally I think that you have to define what you think is sexy and what you think is trashy. You have to look at the environment you are going to be in and either tone it down or rev it up. Ultimately though, you have to be you. Employers are not looking to hire carbon copies; they want unique women to fill their positions.

I asked our industry expert if there was anything else that she wished to add, she extended a lovely invitation to come by the Plush club and see the girls and of course say hello. Nyx(Sweetness Resident) also sends a shout out to Magika for hair; Blueberry, KITJA, and Bueno; because ..."having a mesh body, fitmesh is a godsend.." Overall style she likes AMITOMO, Third Eye, Sweet things; and for accesories Pink Acid and PUNCH. She admits that she is a shopaholic and could go on forever.

Keeping all of these things in mind, here are a few ideas to point you in the right direction.

Mesh hands that I live and die by.

​These are the Slink hands by Sidden Murno. They can be found on the Marketplace or Inworld.

Each single style will run you about 450$L for a pair (Left and Right hands). Or you can buy a Muti-pack of styles for about 1,250$L. There are a myriad of appliers for this mesh enhancement as Slink has been around for quite some time and is in my personal opinion a must have for anyone these days. Slink also makes mesh feet. Those are my go to feet as well. They also can be found on the marketplace and their inworld location.

As for mesh hair, nearly every designer out there makes at least a few designs in mesh. I too love Magicka hair and you won't be disappointed if you go looking for something to make your avatar interview ready.

This one is called Listen and costs 250$L. It comes in a multitude of colors and I am sure you'll find one to express you.

I think that a sleek little number like this from Blueberry might be something you'd want to consider making an impression it. While it shows your goods, it leaves some mystery and; it comes in black. We all know there is nothing like our 'little black dress'.

​This costs 199$L and is mesh. Don't worry bunnies, its listing says that it works for classic avatars as well as mesh.

Keep an eye out for more 'Dress for Success' articles in the future. Much love and goodluck

in your ventures!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Second Chance at Gachas

by Syndra

Hello my Beautiful Bunnies!

   So, I was wandering around Second Life as I am prone to do. Looking for what the hottest event might be or the latest thing to hit the shelves is; and then something dawned on me. What if you aren't after what is 'Now', what if you are seeking what was 'Then'. Follow me so far? Allow me to explain.

Many of you beautiful bunnies are like me and try to get around to every fair, every event, every...well, everything. But, let's face it; it's just impossible to be everywhere at once. And sometimes, we do not hear about an event until it is too late. There are a few that pop up only for three days and then are gone, and some you have to be in an exclusive and sometimes costly group to be in the 'know.'

However, there is hope. Along with gacha fairs and events, a number of popular re-sellers are popping up all over the grid. Some inworld, some on the Marketplace and some can be found in a number of groups.

For example, this store on the marketplace is just such a re-seller. Some re-sellers will sell the items as they are pulled, individually. However, many will sell you the entire outfit for one price. As anyone who's ever played gacha knows, collecting a single outfit can be quite costly and time consuming. There is a random chance that you will spend hundreds to get the one color or style that you are looking for.

Most of you know that the major events such as the Gacha Arcade, have their own groups in which people can trade the items found at the event; for other items from the same event. Did you know though, there are other groups such as Gimmie Gacha and Gacha Addicts Trade and Chat which offer widespread trading of items from any event? Most gacha groups don't require a join fee, but some you do have to message the owner for chat privileges.

The best deals that I have found on past event items seem to be on the marketplace. And not just gacha events, but other limited edition event items can be found there listed by re-sellers as well. More often than not, you will find them in bundle deals. So, they are easier for you to collect. Also, during an event it might not be a bad idea to check out the marketplace or an in-world re-seller. I mean, some of us love the gacha items; but hate the fact that we might not get the color or style that we are looking for. Using an inworld re-seller or marketplace re-seller allows us to choose exactly what we want, and get it.

​The pull price for the Pixicat Corsets at the event was about 50$L a play. You do the math.

​I love Pixicat and am proud to say that I got mine from a re-seller.

Now, some people say that purchasing from a re-seller might be 'unethical'. Personally, I do not see how. The original creator has already been paid for the product so they aren't loosing anything. In real life, many of us go to second hand shops and discount stores to pick up great deals on products that we love, and sometimes; we pay a little more for what we love. So I say go for it! Enjoy your second chance at gacha deals.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Feeling a little Fantasy

By Syndra

Hello my little Bunnies,

   I've got something special for you, from the Fantasy Collective. From now until July 13th, you can go find fantastic treasure that are sure to stoke your fantasy dreams. But, I did say I had something special for you, didn't I?

Here at the event is a new mesh head from Genesis. Its called Chloe and debuted right here...right now at the Fantasy Collective.

Isn't it beautiful?

The debut price is 2,500$L, and yes there is a demo available. My advice? Try it..and if you love it. Get it! I don't know if the price will go up after the event, but if it does; you might be sorry if you wait.

Now, the awesome debut of the mesh head aside, there are lots of beautiful goodies at this event.

​For those of us that own the lovely LeLutka mesh head, Y&Y has offered up the Melian skin and makeup applier set. It is available from a lighter tone to a nice beach tan. The skins are 1490$L each and the makeup is only 500$L each. That isn't too bad for lovely appliers for a nice head. Which by the way, the LeLutka head works very well with the Maitreya body.

​These dresses cover just enough but leave a little to the imagination, don't you think? I'd say these were perfect for great fantasy role-play. Offered up by Le Fil Casse, these dresses are 185$L each and also come in a fatpack for 900$L. There are nine beautiful colors to choose from.

​This was one of my favorite pieces that I saw at this event. I adore the soft pastel colors and the bright patterns. It's called Licinia by Luas and costs 150$L with the fatpack at 450$L. There are four colors for this lovely dress.

Valentinae calls this the 'Cruel Summer Gown' The name alone makes me want to put it on and cause some trouble. Available in the standard mesh sizes and four colors to choose from at 285$Lea or pick them all up at 1,050$L. Honestly, I would love to see this dress offered at a slightly lower price, but what can you do. It is still a nice gown.

​What sort of fantasy themed anything would be...anything, without some beautiful shiny things? From Salt and Pepper, this is called Vicky and is a very nice necklace and earring set at 399$L. The best part is that all of the colors are available on the hud, so you buy the jewelry and have 6 sets for the price of one.

As always at any great event is one or two gachas. The Fantasy Collective does not disappoint. Sweet Lies has decided to feature their gacha which offers beautiful dresses and accessories like a purse and sandals. Shoes, a dress and a purse; sounds like a basic outfit to me. Why not give it a go at 50$L a play. As always, gacha items are trade-able. So, collect them all and trade with your friends.

A fair, some fashion and some fun. I can't think of a better way to spend a day in Second Life.

See you soon Bunnies
-Love Syn

PS: <------See you there!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Accessorize Bollywood Style

By Syndra

  What's a good outfit without accessories? Lets face it, the right shoes, nails and purse can make or break an outfit. Luckily for us, the little garnishes for our outfits aren't hard to come by.

  The Showroom has opened up and this round is Bollywood! Fashion and accessories abound, at least from June 17th-27th that is. I made my way down there and picked out a few things that I found I couldn't live without, and you probably won't be able to either.

Check this out, a beautiful Bollywood themed nail set from Figure. It's for fingernails and toes and they are stunning. At 100$L a great deal for 8 sets. Though, let me warn you of something my little bunny beauties, so you don't find out the hard way like I did.

 These are for Slink and Omega...BUT the omega nail applier only works for the handful of mesh bodies that support the Omega nail application. I found out that Maitreya is NOT one of the supported bodies. So, please check the Omega website to see if your mesh body supports the Omega System nail applier.

Did someone say shoes?! The Italiano peep toe heel is a gacha at the Showroom event. Versions for Maitreya, Mesh Project and Slink. There are 21 commons and 4 rares. At 75$L a play, there is no reason not to collect and trade them all.

For the bunnies looking for even more shoes, you won't be disappointed. Regal Brilliance a strappy open toed high heel in red and black called Konnor. This shoe is for the slink High Feet only and will run you 100$L a pair.

  No outfit would be complete without something that sparkles and shines, now would it?​Offered up by Modern Couture for your accessorizing pleasure, two sets called Niraji and Antissa. Niraji includes tiara, necklace and nose accessory with four beautiful options to choose from. Antissa also offers four color options and includes earrings, necklace and a tiara. The Niraji set costs 188$L and the Antissa set costs 150$L. Which, if you ask me, isn't too expensive for a few nice pieces to add to your collection.

  There's lots more to see and pick up at the Showroom during this round. Don't wait too late bunnies. Remember after the 27th of June this round is over.

See you there!

  -Love Syn

PS: <----the silver screen awaits.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Fabulous Flags

By Syndra

Dear Bunnies,

   Guess what is on its way? That's right, FLAG DAY! Well, the Fourth of July here in the states. But other than actual flag day, whats more red, white and blue than the fourth? Fireworks, festivities, food and lets not forget a perfect excuse to show off your beach body. Even if you're not in the states, red, white and blue are still beautiful colors to flatter any bunny's figure.

Not sure where to look? That's ok, sweet Syn will point you in the right direction.
Now, I've been doing some thinking and though I have a mesh body, and most do; there are some that don't. So, this little offering below is just for them.

​This is from ALI'S ATTIC. At 25$L it is a steal. For classic avatars only, so no mesh. But for you bunnies in love with your classic body this is a beauty. The best part? Its full perms. That means you can wear it for the fourth and if you are any good at using png templates then you have lots of swimsuits that you can make and wear. Talk about value!

​Now, for my mesh addicted bunnies, here I offer you a bikini from Wasteland Outfitters. This comes in the five standard mesh sizes that we all know and love and it can be worn top and bottom separately or in a top/bottom single combination. It shows you off but still leaves a little to be desired. At 100$L it's definitely not a bad buy.

"Well Syn," You might say, "I'm more of a one piece bunny."
Don't worry, I've got a pick for you too. No one gets left out if I can help it.

​This is from Jane Westminster/London People. Its a sexy, simple one piece and covers far more than it shows; for more conservative bunny beauties. I will point this out, it isn't mesh. However, this has the system layers for classic avies and appliers for Slink Physique, Wowmeh, Mesh Project, Lolas Tango and more. At 140$L I would say it's worth the buy. If you are like me, and I know that lots of you are; you own more than one mesh body and love being able to get your favorite outfits with all the appliers instead of having to purchase them separately.

Enjoy the beach my beautiful bunnies,

More Flag Fashion to come

                                       Love Syn

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Indulgence Fair

:::Whats hotter than that weather?:::

Hello my beautiful bunny babes,

  The weather is hot and so are you. What we do behind closed doors is your business and the business of whomever you do it with. But if your looking for some fashion that will accentuate the sexual vixen that is you; then you are in luck.

Through the month of June, there is the Indulgence BDSM&Kink fair. Doesn't the name alone make you want to pour yourself into latex, lace up your stiletto boots and head on over?

Over 50 of the most amazing designers have come out to make sexy clothes, poses, furniture and props for all of us beauties to use in the exploration of our imagination. Whilst erotic fantasies and role-play might be running rampant in your mind, you have to be there to satiate them. But, let me share a few of my favorite designers that will be participation in the event with you. I love to share.

These are from Pervette. She makes everything from stockings to sexy little lace pieces, even a few tattoos. Some of her clothes even have appliers for our mesh bodies. Don't you just love when designers indulge our meshy desires?

And don't worry, there is plenty from her that satiates the Lolas lovers as well.

Glitzz is another one of my favorite designers that makes a statement at this event. You can find all sorts of sensual mesh offerings from the designer, both fit mesh (which adjusts with some of your body's sliders) and standard mesh sizes. Both of these options work well with our mesh bodies.

And look! From Lady X an Indulgence fair sale. Looking for a new bed for private time? Can't beat a sale! If designers that mix fashion and pleasure aren't enough to get you there, and a sale on...lets face it; a bedroom essential. Then you don't want to go! Don't miss it, make the hot weather envious.

~Love Syn

PS: <----I've got extra rope if you need it ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Arcade Is Here!

By Syndra

Hello my beautiful bunnies,

  I am soooo excited! Its here, finally after all the waiting and the teasers; the ARCADE GACHA EVENT is here! So, here are the details, its from June 1st to the 30th. There are nearly a hundred designers with exclusives that are sold at the event. So far, I have picked up the Yummy Necklaces. Aren't they gorgeous?

If you make your way to the event, you should stop by the Pixicat machine. Don't you just love Pixicat? I know I do. The mesh is so sensual and sexy it makes anyone want to show off their beautiful pixels. This month she's offering Temptation, a set of curve clinging corsets aimed at stopping hearts.

And look bunnies, drag the bunny boys along as well. This round of the Arcade Gacha Event also features DRD and some looks for the boys as well. With 20 Items to collect at 75L a play; you can't go wrong. Thanks DRD for showing the guys some love!

Even if the bunny boy in your life won't go with you; you can always make a friend there. Tell me these aren't the cutest most adorable things that you have ever seen! Don't you just want to love them and squeeze them and take them all home forever?

There is so much to see and spend money on...once you are able to get on the sim that is. Since the event opened, I had tried for hours. I jest not my bunnies, hours to get into a full region. But, lucky for me a friend turned me onto this thing called the LazyGuy-Get me in Hud by Brooksie Brooks for 59$L.

You know what it does? It will try to teleport you into a region via landmark every 2.5 secs. So eventually you will get in. Which I totally did. Still it was crowded but, I finally got a chance to try my hands at the machines and scoop some goodies and I tell you what, THE WAIT WAS WORTH IT!

It's so beautifully done, like playing at an actual arcade for awesome prizes. Don't wait to go though, because I guarantee it will be jampacked the whole time. So try to get in when you can.

Goodluck at the arcade,

        Love Syn.  <----Quarters go here

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fabulous Budget Buys

By Syndra

   Hello my Gorgeous Bunnies,

Have you heard? There is a Heat Wave and it's coming our way! Don't worry though, this is one wave that you definitely want to get swept up in. Now through June 10th designers from all over the grid have teamed up at the Heat Wave Event, brought to us by the wash; to offer us fabulous summer 'wears' at affordable prices. Most everything at the event is 10L! That's right my beautiful bunnies, only 10L to add to that sexy summer wardrobe. But wait, there's more. Each designer has a special piece in their booth for an incredible 50L. That's it!

Not just clothes can be found while making your way through the wave. There are also fabulous accessories too! No outfit is complete without some shiny baubles and gorgeous nails. And, don't forget the shoes! If you wear shoes that is. ~winks~

If clothes, shoes and shinnies aren't reason enough for you to check out this shopping bonanza; there's furniture and other things to spruce up your home. Done with your spring cleaning? Fill your space back up with summer shopping.

Look at what I picked up for just 10L.

​Isn't is just just perfect for summer? And PINK! I love PINK! This is by Zesty and yes it is 100% mesh. Comes with the alpha layer too!

So shake your change jar and bounce your little bunny tail over and check it out before it's too late. You won't want to miss it.
   -Fluffy Kisses
                   Love Syn

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

By Syndra

Come one...come the Fantasy Gacha Carnival! Step Right Up my little bunny darlings!

    Come grab your ticket to this round's Fantasy Gacha Carnival. From now until June 5th. Plenty of shopping days left, to scoot on over and see what's in store. This rounds theme is Goth, Demon, Elf, Black Caste and Urt. I am sure that there will be something for each bunny and a few things for those of you not so bunny. That's right guys, you weren't left out. There are a few things for the men as well. The gachas vary as far as price per play goes, but I didn't see anything over 75L a play. Just like every great gacha fair, there are some special things set out by the designers and a few limited edition buys. Don't you just love limited editions? I do!
With designers like !go!, Luas, Tia, On a Lark, and Axix; you would be a bad bunny not to go take a peak. There are over 70 designers with goodies up for grabs. Don't forget, all gacha items are transferable. Collect all the pieces to a much wanted outfit, and trade or sell the duplicates. Everything in moderation though, don't spend all of your extra pennies in one place. 
What I won at the carnival...

!gO! Drow Girl White: Top and Apron (Come separately from the gacha machine) Comes in four colors. White, Red, Purple (Commons) and Black (Rare)

It comes with the alpha layer, and I love it. Its super sexy whilst still covering your naught bits. There are matching shoulder Boleros that can be won as well which are really nice. ( I have them but opted not to wear them) 100% rigged mesh and comes in the standard mesh sizes.
   See you there!
Fluffy Kisses and Bunny Tails -Syn

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bargain Bikinis for the Beach

by Syndra (katakanna)

Hello dear readers,

  Are you low on cash? Did you save and save for a brand new mesh body and skin combination, spending every last linden you have or close to it? Want to hit the fabulous beaches here in Second Life and have absolutely nothing to wear? Fret not my dear beach bunnies. No need to be blue. Syn has got you covered. Show off your sexy shape while still keeping your naughty bits to yourself and your pennies safely in their jar.

All of the gems in the collage are a few of many on the marketplace available for one or even zero linden. Who knew?! Some even come with appliers for TMP, WowMeh and Maitreya.

Whether you have a mesh body, or a non-mesh shape. Standard sized mesh is the way to go. Remember bunnies, Ms. Monroe said it best; 'You make your body fit the clothes not the clothes fit your body'. If it doesn't quite fit, don't be afraid to make slight modifications.

So don't be blue my sinfully decadent little bunnies. Hop on the market place and find yourself a free or nearly free little bunny outfit, that will accentuate all that you are.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

DrFran’s Alt Goes Hunting: Furry Fashion Valentine Hunt

By DrFran Babcock

On these pages I have said often that I think the furry community does not do a good job of promoting or providing freebies. My alt, Desirée, has been itching for a hunt for a while, and since she became a white tiger she has been at a loss to find a good hunt.

Thanks to my boss, Bixyl, I saw a press release for the Furry Fashion Valentine Hunt, and decided to have Desirée take up the challenge.

The Hunt

The Furry Fashion Valentine Hunt asks you to find twenty roses that are hidden on the Furry sim, home of the Furry Fashion Main Store. The sim is quite a lovely place, and Desirée found herself returning over and over again to pose and just spend time. Great care has been taking to make the environment a pleasing one, and the owner, Amethyst Crystal, has succeeded admirably.

The roses are not too difficult to find, but some of them are tricky. Each one contains an item of clothing, and all of them were keepers. Desirée’s favorite was the sexy DJ Outfit, all in black, with musical G-clefs acting as pasties, but all of the items are worth having. Both male and female apparel can be found in the hunt, and there’s a useful tuxedo for the gentlemen.

If you look at the pictures you will see that the high quality of design and color sense is apparent. In addition, several of the clothes are color change, making them even more useful for people who like to coordinate outfits.


Hurry, hurry. The hunt only runs until the 15th of February. I have asked that it be extended, but at press time, I had not heard if this was so. If you are furry, and you want to expand your wardrobe, this hunt is a must for you.

The hunt is here: Furry Fashion -

DrFran Babcock

*Addition* The hunt has indeed been extended to February 22.