Monday, May 12, 2014

DrFran’s Alt Goes Hunting And Freebie-Finding

By DrFran Babcock

Desirée is always happy to go look for Freebies or Cheapies at any time. The beginning of a new month is always a great time to go look for new items on the grid. Thus, when I asked her to check out some of the goodies for May, she was more than happy and got started immediately.

You are going to want to stop what you are doing (bookmark SL Newser, so you can come right back to it!), and pick up some of these items ranging in price from two Lindens to zero Lindens.

The Cotton Candy Hunt

Back in the days when DrFran did a lot of hunts, she adored The Cotton Candy Hunt. Ladies, what can you say negatively about items that are cute and pink? You will want to go on this hunt if you think like this. The items in the hunt are two lindens per prize, but they are so well worth the tiny expense, because how often do you get quality hair and skin? Look for a little cotton candy for the hunt prize, of course.

There are a whopping 111 Stores participating in this hunt, and Desirée did not complete the whole thing, but put together a complete outfit from the prizes. The only item in the picture that is not from the hunt is the Eaters Coma Group Gift hair ( ) that is her favorite:

Picture 1

Top: Lolita - Cotton Candy Top  (comes with an adorable pink mini skirt, not shown)
Makeup: Pink Acid KoolAid Lipstick - Pink Lemonade
Horns: !TLB (The Little Bat) - Sugarfied Horns  - covered with sweets
Bracelets: GFD: Metal T O Y Bracelet (comes in all colors shown)
Earrings: .::PiNK CHERRY::. Strawberry Earring with Pink Bow
Shorts: alterego candy dukes
[ bubble ] Cotton Candy Wellies
.::WoW Skins::. TCC hunt Lisa
Stockings: Static Ripped Leo Stockings

The picture was taken at the great Relay For Life Fantasy Faire, that has already raised over a million Lindens for the American Cancer Society! The build is a knockout. (

Sexy and I Know It Hunt

This is the second year for the Sexy and I Know It Hunt. This time around is just as good as the first, and the one Linden items are again worth their weight in “keeping this in my inventory.” With 119 prizes, there is something for everyone, but Desirée’s taste run to hair and clothes.

Again, everything in the picture is from the hunt except the Free analog dog hair, that is still available on the beach at analog dog: ( Dog Hair/100/29/999 ).

Picture Two – Sexy and I Know It Hunt 2

Pants: alterego legacy denim jeans – (come in pink and teal)
Sneakers: Asteria Creations - Sneakers Pink Summer Breeze
Whims: Summer Breeze Top (Desirée’s top pick!)
Skin: Drop Dead Gorgeous ::DDG:: Unadorned-Honey DB Cleavage

This picture is also from The Fantasy Faire. It was fun to interact with the builds on the many sims, and shoveling coal is great exercise, even if only virtual.

The Chapter Four Gifts

But wait; there’s more. If you don’t know The Chapter Four, after this article you will. The Chapter Four presents top content creators in Second Life™ four times a year, and DrFran is often shelling out Lindens there. However, the big news is that this time there are dozens of Freebies put out by the vendors to celebrate the one year anniversary of the event. All you have to do to get the free gifts is to join the group, go to The Chapter Four, and click on the gift boxes located next to each creator’s display. The only SLurl you need is the one to The Chapter Four:

This picture was taken at the interactive and fun Linden Endowment for the Arts installation, Sauce by Maya Paris. This is a satirical piece on dating, and is definitely a must to see. (

Picture 3 – The Chapter Four

Dress: Tokama - Damara Autumn Dress (Allsize) If you have yet to try a mesh Allsize dress, you are in for a treat. These dresses fit most avatars nicely.
Eyes: *(OO)* YUKIJela Gift Eyes
Hat: *LODE* Headwear - Ooo
Ring: (TCF 1st Year Anniversary) .Atomic. Celebrate! Cupcake Ring (TCF Birthday Gift)
Necklace: CF Bday Special .Tokame. Heart in a Cage
Purse: (Amita Rose) /// offbeat /// nyanyanaya purses – adorable cat purse
Glasses: 2PM. Bon bon glasses / black
Balloon: ::C'est la vie!:: happy balloon -TCF bday gift- (fun balloons with poses)
Hair: Moon {Hair}. Unreflected
Bracelet: [Deadwool] Bracelet Gift (unisex)

About the Events:

The Cotton Candy Hunt

The Sexy and I Know It Hunt 2

The Chapter Four

DrFran Babcock