Monday, December 18, 2017

Peace On Earth Hunt: Part Two

By Shaza Denver,

Good Day Faithful Readers,

    As I mentioned before I am slowly getting  through the Peace On Earth Hunt.  I am trying to do it in stages.....well because,  its ah HUGE hunt.  There are some 297 stops along this grid wide hunt.  So far the prizes have been amazing.  I am really impressed with the quality of the prizes the fantastic creators are setting out this season.

From seasonal outfits,  seasonal landscaping,   seasonal decor to just items we use in our every day Second Life experience, this hunt has something for everyone. There are gifts for men,  gifts for kids,  and gifts for everyone  in between.  A hunt for all ages and genre. So get on out there and get your hunt on.  I am going to post the url for the web site again in case you missed it the previous article: .

     So my first showing is a sweet little cocktail dress that can be used for those festive holiday parties in Second Life.  Actually you could use this cocktail dress for any occasion.  The designer Mariposa has set out this hunt prize that is stop number 49 along the way.  This dress is a rich golden color that is perfect for this holiday season.  Head on over and grab this one up.  Your going to love it.

     Now for some festive boots.   Who does not love reindeer???  Reindeer boots....OMG!  These boots are so adorable you won't want to take them off.  They come to us from  Vicarious Youth.  To make the prize even better,  they come in kid TD size,  baby TD size and adult Slink flat size, and a resize pair that can be adjusted to fit your mesh body.  I love them and am sure you  will too!  Vicarious Youth is stop number 133 on the hunt.  Now dash away to more fantastic gifts on the hunt! 

     I found this great pose gift on the hunt from Poses With Attitude.  Its stop number
12 on the hunt.  I found it great for that holiday pose with family.  I had a little help with this one from some of the girls in my family.  Its a great pose prop  to have when you want something fun and festive for your family photo this Christmas. 

That's it for now my loyal readers and friends.  Enjoy the hunt!  I am doing this one with my family.  Its so much fun with all of us racing to find the elusive globe. 

Until next time,

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Peace On Earth Hunt

By Shaza

Hello Faithful Readers,
     This week I am going to feature a hunt that has been around Second Life forever.   The POE hunt.   For those of you that are new,  this is a fantastic hunt.  The prizes you will find are from some of the top creators in SL.  I wait patiently all year for this hunt.  If you never do another hunt in SL,  you really should do this one.  This is the longest running hunt in Second Life, having been around for some 10 years.  Now that is quite a feat.  I think we all know how quickly things come and go in SL.  Ten years .... well that kind of speaks of the greatness of this hunt.

     This is just good fun for entire family.  Do it in a group,  with family,  with friends.  On my hunt quest I have found other  hunters that work with me to find the elusive globe that contains the prize.  It really is a fun hunt and you should try it.  My advice is to do a few at a time.  This is a long hunt,  with some 297 prizes to be found.  Some of the stores have multiple prizes to be found.   To get out and enjoy this one.  You won't be sorry.

This is the URL of the website with all the hints and even some peeks at the prizes.

I am going to show you some of the prizes I have found already.  Every week I am going to get an article out with more of these fantastic prizes. 

Stop number 14 on the hunt sent me to Storax Tree.  There I found the globe that contained this gorgeous candle lit tree.  The POE Glove was pretty simple to find,  and the prize inside it simply beautiful.

     Now something for the ladies.  Some of us have the bento hands.   I myself find them to be wonderful.  With the movements of the bento hands its very realistic.  On to our prize.  At the store slipper I found the prize glove fairly easy. 

Its stop 4 in this hunt.  Inside the globe is a fantastic prize for bento hands,  but also included in the globe are nails for Slink hands as well.  So if you have bento or Slink hands you are going to love these Christmas nails.   The nails are both right and left hands. 

Lastly I am going to show you the most adorable thing I have found on the hunt thus far.  From  Potomac Signature Homes stop 153 on the hunt,  I found these cute little pets.   Now I jumped ahead a bit on the hunt.  I was at Potomac Homes looking at a house there and found the hunt prize instead.  The house was gorgeous too!

These are just a few of the wonderful prizes your going to find once you get going on this grid wide event.  Take your time,  take some friends,  take some family!  Your going to enjoy this one for sure.

Until next time,  have much fun,  and as always enjoy your Second Life.