Monday, November 4, 2013

DrFran Goes Shopping on The Marketplace

By DrFran Babcock

Sometimes you are at work and can’t log into Second Life™. Sometimes the grid is down. Sometimes, the only place to go for a Second Life™ fix is the Marketplace. However, this month you can go to the Marketplace to do a hunt! The Lag Free Marketplace Hunt began on November 1st, and runs until the end of the month. Without a doubt, it’s the easiest hunt I have ever done, and well worth the small effort it takes.

The Lag Free Marketplace Hunt

The theme of the hunt is Night and Day, and with the handy url list, all one has to do is go to each Marketplace shop and search for either Day or Night. Once you find the gift that is only One Linden, you buy it, and it will go right into your Received Items Folder. I did the whole hunt in a few minutes, and then I logged into Second Life™ to see what I had won. I was not disappointed, especially with the male and female prizes from Vips Creations, who had sponsored the hunt.

The female Vips Creations outfit is a mesh red dress, reminiscent of the speakeasy saloons of the 1930s. The outfit is generously accessorized with earrings, necklace, ring, purse and shoes! The complete look is very retro and chic.  The men’s gift is a mesh business suit, that made me think of MadMen, and the business look that most advertising executives wore in the 1950s. It is always so difficult for men to find decent clothes in Second Life™, and this suit is a find. It comes with glasses and shoes, and a mesh shirt and tie. Run and get it if you need to be more formal, but not fussy.

The other gifts in the hunt are worth getting, but none are as complete as the Vips outfit. I loved the Isle of Dee Moon-Sun Oracle Ring. This luminescent gem attached to your hand, and with just answers a question for you. The answer to my question, according to the oracle, was “yes.” My question—none of your business, hehe. Since my childhood with a Magic 8 Ball I have loved oracles. Get this ring, if you are like me.

I liked also the Remi Lalique Mesh Owl Tee Shirt because of its design, and my partiality to owls. I had never heard of Remi Lalique until this hunt. After all, isn’t that the purpose of a hunt? I can’t even count the number of times I have discovered a wonderful new store while in the process of conducting a hunt.

Other Marketplace Booty

The Marketplace is a treasure trove for freebie hunters. Just a little simple searching and I found two other gifts I want to share with my dear readers.

The first is a green dress from Scandalous, that is a nice combination of fabric and see-through lace. Lace is so very popular in fashion now. I just returned from Europe and lace skirts and dresses were everywhere. This lovely item is zero Lindens on the marketplace.

The last item I will share is another piece of jewelry. I love jewelry that can be modified, and this is changeable in the best way possible. The b.nuts Free Love Medallion is a locket that opens and closes. What’s so nice about it is that the picture texture in the locket can be changed, so that you can carry a picture of your love, your cat, or your ex (as I did) inside the pendant. This is a one Linden gift on the Marketplace, so you can even send it out as a gift.

So, if you are broke, or it, like me, you just like a good bargain, take a look around the Marketplace. All the information you need is below. See you next time, or maybe I will send my alt out again, my inventory is getting to heavy for teleports.

Vips Creations Male Suit and Female Dress and accessories:

DrFran Babcock