Friday, September 27, 2013

DrFran’s Alt Goes Shopping – Autumn Hunts & Gacha Madness

By DrFran Babcock

Well, DrFran is busy building for Burn2, so she sent me out to see what’s worth buying or finding on the grid. It’s not such a hardship, as she set me up with a few Lindens, even though I am careful not to spend too much. I had much success.

The Autumn Effect Hunt

The second Autumn Effect Hunt ( ) is going on until October 15th, and contains free hunt items that are worth the effort. What I like about hunts is how they sometimes expose me to shops I might never have known existed in this huge virtual world. I fell in love with the flirty mesh micro mini that came from Luckie, a store I had never seen before. For Tango lovers, the top does come with appliers, which I choose not to wear. You can find Luckie here: . The hunt object for which you search is a wooden disk with an autumn leaf on it, and the hints on the Depraved Nation website above make them easy to find.

The Arcade Gacha Event

 You have to be under a sculpty rock to not know about this round of The Arcade Gacha (  ). This insanely addictive event began in 2012, and has swept the grid like an Ozimal on steroids. The key element in this sale is that you always win and item every time you play a gacha machine, but only a few items per machine are rare or coveted. But wait, there’s more: All of the items are no mod, no copy, but transfer. Thus, a whole economy and lifestyle that is centered on residents trading for the items they want has been created, and an enormous quantity of items find their way to resident sponsored yard sales.

There is no one item that is more desired than any other. For example, DrFran brought a friend to the event—by the way, the build of the Arcade is just gorgeous—and was completely shocked that she wanted to collect the porcelain fairy statues in the gacha created by Baiastice. However, once she saw them, she had to collect a set for herself. The gacha machines can cost from 25-100 Lindens, and you always get one of the prizes. If you don’t like what got, just trade it for something else. Hurry, because the event only runs until the end of September.

Check out the pictures here to see what DrFran’s alt put together. Most of the items are not rare, but still scrumptious:

Gacha One Picture. DrFran’s Alt is wearing:

Shoes: TD Templates: Ladies MESH Zipped Ribbon Flats Green
Stockings: {Sugar Heart} Junk Food Tights ~ Nacho Girlfriend / Salsa
Nightie: Tee*fy Aurora NightDress – Passion
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy – America 4 with Freckles tattoo
Hair: D!va Hair Giz (Type A)(Red amber)
Fish: (Yummy) Sassy Red Fish (packed in a plactic bag and worn unpacked
Backpack: B.C.C I love toast Backpacks-Ham&eggs

Apple Fall: His Sideboard RARE (my favorite), Apple Fall Arrow Collection and Jute Rug

Gacha Picture 2 (Close-up)
Bracelet: ASO! National Flag Bracelet (Sweden) gold
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Jazz Hands Frog - Black
Necklace 2: Sleepy Eddy Pocket Watch Necklace – Black

PURE Perfection Hunt

I stumbled across this super-easy hunt while I was looking for a hunt item at PURE Perfection. You have to find the 15 sculpt hearts that are sprinkled obviously throughout the store. I am wearing just two of the prizes (5 Lindens apiece) in the picture: The Sexy Nerd Outfit (complete with adorable eyeglasses and a smartphone to wear) and the Mesh Cowboy boots, which really just look like tall black boots—perfect for wearing with everything! PURE Perfection can be found at:

So, get going, save Lindens, and have fun trading your gacha items.

DrFran Babcock

Monday, September 23, 2013

Chest Treasures

In my first report, I took you continent hopping and discovering treasure chests. Join me, now, as we explore a grand new mall, called Chest Treasures. What is this intrepid explorer doing, reporting on a shopping mall, you ask? Well, what woman doesn't like exploring a new shopping mall? Shortly after joining SL, I discovered that I could make Lindens, to shop with, by dancing on a pole at Escort Oasis. I made good money doing it, but girlfriends said I could make even more by working at "expansion" clubs. In these clubs, the dancers wear prim breasts, a.k.a. implants, and grow bigger with each tip. Long story short, I bought my first set of implants and became a professional dancer. 

In my first club, one of the dancers showed me how to make custom tops for the implants. Within two months, I opened my first clothing shop. It wasn't long before my shop was turning up on lists of the best places to shop and other designers were imitating my styles. Ultimately, the owner of Implant Nation invited me to have a free booth in their main store. 

Fast forward to the present, the owner of Implant Nation quit SL, I retired from pro dancing, developed a new mesh line of clothing and became an explorer. With my favorite brand of implants out of the picture, all of my clothing vendors for them were left to gather dust in my inventory. Unlike other implant clothes, mine included full perm textures, which allowed users of other brands to manually edit them into their implants, but I was hesitant to offer them without the appliers for other brands.

Enter Solidx, a skilled builder and old friend. He told me that he had built a mall and invited me to sell my clothing there. As a member of the still active Implant Nation group, I knew there were still many users that could use my products and, in time, I could add appliers for other brands. I accepted Solidx's invitation and set up a kiosk to offer my busty clothing and also my new line of mesh jackets, dresses and boots. Since then, SL Newser has created a fashion page and the editor said that if the owner of shops buys advetisement, news articles can provide links to them. Solidx was glad to pay for an ad to bring more traffic to the many shops in his new mall. With that, I began an in depth exploration, so that I may tell you of my experience and invite you to come see it for yourself.

The Breast Friendly Shopping Mall

When I was a pro-dancer, I wore my implants every day and was always on the look out for shops and malls that sold compatible clothing. All too often, I found myself in shops that did not list the brands that were supported or the quality did not meet my expectations. As I began to explore Chest Treasures, three things made a good impression, right from the start. They have over sixty shops in one location, all of the clothing is top quality and all come with appliers for Lolas Tango implants. I have many brands, but did not have that one yet, so I paused my research and found Lolas shop, to get a look at them. 

I found the vendor and spent at least an hour standing there looking at them. On the one hand, they were the best looking brand I'd ever seen, but then, they were also the most expensive. I stood there, weighing the pros and cons of whether I should buy them or not. On the down side, there was a) the high price, b) I don't require them for my job, c) I'd have to buy clothes that support them and d) With my looks, I already get hit on, everywhere I go, by both men and women. On the plus side there was a) While I stood there, at least a half dozen girls came by to drool over them with me, saying they were saving up to buy a pair, b) I did have enough money, c) It would be easy for me to make or modify clothes to go with them and sell, d) I knew that many of the Chest Treasures shops were giving away gifts for the grand opening and there were a lot of prize chairs, so I would get a few outfits to start, without having to spend any more and e) I actually enjoy being too pretty for my own good, (laughing out loud). 

The pros outweighed the cons, so I paid the $1750, rushed home to open my package and try them out. After setting the skin color to match my av and putting on one of the included tops, I returned to Chest Treasures and spent the next two days walking to every shop in the mall. Within 24 hours, I had figured out how to convert my own clothing to work with the Lolas. Solidx provided me with a current list of all the shops.

The Shops at Chest Treasures

Moda Mia, Purple Candy, Tam's Trousseau, Whis Designs, Dee Designs, NewtiQue, Pink Sugah, Tits Up, Patchwork Heart, Rachel Swallows Creations, [trs], Candi's Cuties & Co, AVD, Sage, Goddess Couture,
Her Majesty's Treasure Chest, Sjaja, Trinite, Hello Titty Lola Tango Clothing, Tiny Things, Aqua Kisses,
Vooh Designs, BlondeQueen Shapes, Boobee Trap, D&G Fashion, Ellette, iBooBs, Imagicas G-Spot, Stacked,
Abby's Angel Fashions, Blink 2 Wink, Charm, Chebs, DRBC, GWC, Gatherings Designs, Kimmy's LiL Shop,
Laney's, Mountain Tops, PB Designs, Que Bella!, MadCatCreations, Ravnous, Spanked, Amberlicious Design,
Aris Aris, BAS Designs, Dethly Productions Tattoos, Sweet Revenge, Porn Factor, Luna Designs *Sensual Skins*,
Busty Boutique, Liz's Loot, Tw@ttyC@ke, Fulana's, Bailey's Bare Essentials, Sha Boutique,
1Hundred, Angeldust, PixyStix, Tameless Affiliate, Blue Wave,  Kennedy's, B. Barbie,  !ABISH!

It does not matter if you wear implants or not, as all these clothes can be worn with or without them. With so many quality shops, with their sales, free gifts and prize chairs, you're bound to fill a shopping cart with each visit and return again for the convenience of one stop shopping. Many of the shops also provide LMs to their main stores and group joins, so you can stay informed of their latest offerings. In the two days that I spent exploring, I counted 14 prize chairs and 28 free gifts. . If that's not enough, there is also a shop that sells houses by Solidx and a nightclub.

Keeping "abreast"
Chest Treasure also has a blog and a Facebook page, so you can stay informed of all the new additions.

When you go to the mall, keep an eye out for me. Most likely, you'll find me twiddling my thumbs, by the prize chairs.

Becky "Sha" Shamen

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Sha Shop Redemption

In a recent staff meeting at the Newser HQ, it was suggested that we could use more fashion articles. As a renowned shopaholic, I think my views might be worthy of attention. Here then is my list of favorites, based on the number of items, in my inventory, from each. I won't give locations or prices, but will name them, give [#] of articles I have, and details that I like about them. They are listed in decending order.

Bootgasm [50 items] This shop takes up a whole sim and sells shoes and boots for men and women. If you join their group, they have monthly group gifts for $1. They also have 3 prize chairs, on the East side of the store. Each chair picks a new, random letter, every 20 minutes. If your name begins with the letter and you sit in the chair, you get the free item. By making a LM, near the chairs, and visiting daily, you are sure to get at least one new pair each week (most of mine I got this way). The footwear is nicely designed and worth having. In addition, they also have a clothing department.

Bad Kitty [24 items] I learned of this shop when I was a professional dancer. Most of the clothing can be found in regular and with clothing appliers for most brands of prim breasts (implants). Their clothing is for women only. In the back of the store, there is one prize chair, which changes letters every 10 minutes.The clothing is high quality and the owner id friendly and helpful.

Sirena Hair [19 items] This outdoor, island shop has hair for men and women. The hairs are flexi and look great when you dance. Many of them are animated. For example, typing /2 hair up, or down, in local chat, will make the hair either straight or in a pony tail or braid, or updo, depending on the style. Each style can be bought in one of 15 single colors, with 4 shades and three sizes (12 hairs total), or a fatpak of all colors (180 hairs), for about what 5 single color one would cost. Great deal!!! I have other hair brands, but you will almost always see me wearing one from Sirena.

Heroes [10 items] This is a nightclub in a cave. As you enter, turn right and you will find the shop. Women's costumes are on the main floor, men's downstairs. They have more heroes than I knew existed. They are well designed and very affordable. They are worth buying, even if just for use at rare theme parties. They also have a prize chair and I picked up my latest one there, while researching for this article (haven't even opened it yet). Many of the women's costumes have appliers for implants available.

Blak Opal [7 items] If Steampunk and Pirates are your thing, this shop is a must see. They have costumes for men and woman. Many come with prim attachments and the textures are very beautifully detailed.

Aqua Kisses [7 items] Sexy clothes for women. All come with appliers for implants. They have 3 prize chairs, with 10 minute cycle.

Pixel Perfect Productions [6 items] Going to a theme party and can't find the perfect costume?  They probably have what you need. Last time I checked, they have 4 prize chairs. Clothes for men and women.

Edelfabrik [5 items] Contemporary styles for the young ladies. You'll be a sugar daddy magnet in these hottie clothes.

Curious Kitties [4 items]  Mesh clothing. I think the designer is Japanese. These items got me started wearing mesh. Style? The word coz play comes to mind.

If you want to make your own clothes, the best full perm clothes to work with are from Himeko's, prim and mesh female clothes elements and Nian Design, male and female mesh clothes.

Last, but not least, Sha's Boutique, downstairs at Club Zero Gravity. My own line of boots, dresses and jackets for women and jackets for men. I'm not in it for the money. I give away as much as I sell. Free Sunweaver jackets and Sunweaver Bay Fire Department jacket and helmet, for all who ask.

Becky "Sha" Shamen

Monday, September 2, 2013

DrFran’s Alt Goes Shopping and Exploring

By DrFran Babcock

DrFran won’t admit that she loves hunting for freebies, but I have no such problem. That’s why I have taken over once more to show you a few of the goodies that are around the grid for grabbing and wearing. Starting in September the Arcade Gacha will dominate the fashion and home markets, but in the calm before that storm, I will show you what I love. By the way, what I love is also some sims and places. Although the outfits I show you don’t match their surroundings much, they are the places to which I like go when I want to marvel in the wonder that is Second Life™.

 The Candy Girl Hunt

This free grid-wide hunt runs until September 15th, and has some of the cutest, sweetest (of course), and worth-keeping items I have seen in a while. My absolute favorite hunt gift was the complete, sugary pink Neko outfit from Beautiful Dirty Rich. The tail that comes with the outfit is a knockout, shiny and animated nicely, and has the touch and chat option. The corset dress is mesh and ruffled, and comes in many sizes to fit most avatars. The airs are pink and animated, too, and the boots, although I don’t favor that big foot look, really go well with the entire ensemble. In addition, there are fishnet stockings and panties. I would easily spend Lindens to get many of the parts of this outfit, but the whole thing is yours free just for finding the mesh lollipop hidden in the store.


The picture for this outfit was taken on the sim of ROCHE, one of my favorites. It has always been a place to go to when I need to relax. It has the best of eastern design qualities in that on the surface it looks very scrubby and simple, but the more you explore, the more you come to appreciate the work and attention to detail that went into building the place. You used to be able to get a free bicycle to cruise the island, but walking is just as much fun. The sim changes from time to time, but the basic message is one of stark and steely water and dilapidated buildings situated on softly rolling hills. Come for a walk and you will return, I am sure.

Plausible Body 1 – Latex

Do you know about Plausible Body? This shop has been in existence for several years, and features open pricing. Most of the items in the shop are free to buy, and the owners suggest that you make a donation at vendors that are located throughout the parcel. I suppose you can just take what you want and then leave, but I generally give a generous donation, as the quality of the merchandise warrants payment. What I like most are the basic pumps, because they are good-looking and come in a vast array of solid colors.

I picked up two outfits while at Plausible Body. The first is a classic latex catsuit, that comes in many colors, with really sophisticated shading. Latex is not that easy to recreate in Second Life™, and Roslynd Turbo has done a great job with the textures.

The other outfit is a must have for anyone who wants to travel light in inventory, but have many looks available. The Citadines outfit comes complete with a top, mini skirt, and pumps. What makes this mesh outfit such a standout is that it comes with four HUDS that allow you to change the top, the mini skirt, the shoe color, and the color of the shoe heels. With all of these options you could pack for a full week and hop all over the grid with a new look all the time. Since DrFran was busy elsewhere, I decided to take pictures in two of my other favorite sims: Kowloon and Lula.


Kowloon is based on the Hong Kong neighborhood of the same name. I have adored this sim since it was built because it is truly like a maze of streets and tunnels. You could spend hours immersed in its depths and not find your way out. More than once I have had to teleport home to find my way. The sim is a delight to explore, and things change from time to time, so it’s nice to revisit frequently. Of course, it’s a great place for photography opportunities as well.


Lula is a commercial sim that houses the shops Tres Blah and Lamb. The first time I landed there I was sure I had been transported to a small village in the south of France, and it has remained one of the best textured places in SL, in my opinion. There have been changes over the years, but the high quality of building never disappoint.


You can look good for only a few Lindens in Second Life™. If there is anything that you would like to see DrFran’s alt cover, just give a holler. Happy shopping and hunting.


The Candy Girl Hunt:
Plausible Body:
Plausible Body Blog:

DrFran Babcock