Monday, December 18, 2017

Peace On Earth Hunt: Part Two

By Shaza Denver,

Good Day Faithful Readers,

    As I mentioned before I am slowly getting  through the Peace On Earth Hunt.  I am trying to do it in stages.....well because,  its ah HUGE hunt.  There are some 297 stops along this grid wide hunt.  So far the prizes have been amazing.  I am really impressed with the quality of the prizes the fantastic creators are setting out this season.

From seasonal outfits,  seasonal landscaping,   seasonal decor to just items we use in our every day Second Life experience, this hunt has something for everyone. There are gifts for men,  gifts for kids,  and gifts for everyone  in between.  A hunt for all ages and genre. So get on out there and get your hunt on.  I am going to post the url for the web site again in case you missed it the previous article: .

     So my first showing is a sweet little cocktail dress that can be used for those festive holiday parties in Second Life.  Actually you could use this cocktail dress for any occasion.  The designer Mariposa has set out this hunt prize that is stop number 49 along the way.  This dress is a rich golden color that is perfect for this holiday season.  Head on over and grab this one up.  Your going to love it.

     Now for some festive boots.   Who does not love reindeer???  Reindeer boots....OMG!  These boots are so adorable you won't want to take them off.  They come to us from  Vicarious Youth.  To make the prize even better,  they come in kid TD size,  baby TD size and adult Slink flat size, and a resize pair that can be adjusted to fit your mesh body.  I love them and am sure you  will too!  Vicarious Youth is stop number 133 on the hunt.  Now dash away to more fantastic gifts on the hunt! 

     I found this great pose gift on the hunt from Poses With Attitude.  Its stop number
12 on the hunt.  I found it great for that holiday pose with family.  I had a little help with this one from some of the girls in my family.  Its a great pose prop  to have when you want something fun and festive for your family photo this Christmas. 

That's it for now my loyal readers and friends.  Enjoy the hunt!  I am doing this one with my family.  Its so much fun with all of us racing to find the elusive globe. 

Until next time,

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Peace On Earth Hunt

By Shaza

Hello Faithful Readers,
     This week I am going to feature a hunt that has been around Second Life forever.   The POE hunt.   For those of you that are new,  this is a fantastic hunt.  The prizes you will find are from some of the top creators in SL.  I wait patiently all year for this hunt.  If you never do another hunt in SL,  you really should do this one.  This is the longest running hunt in Second Life, having been around for some 10 years.  Now that is quite a feat.  I think we all know how quickly things come and go in SL.  Ten years .... well that kind of speaks of the greatness of this hunt.

     This is just good fun for entire family.  Do it in a group,  with family,  with friends.  On my hunt quest I have found other  hunters that work with me to find the elusive globe that contains the prize.  It really is a fun hunt and you should try it.  My advice is to do a few at a time.  This is a long hunt,  with some 297 prizes to be found.  Some of the stores have multiple prizes to be found.   To get out and enjoy this one.  You won't be sorry.

This is the URL of the website with all the hints and even some peeks at the prizes.

I am going to show you some of the prizes I have found already.  Every week I am going to get an article out with more of these fantastic prizes. 

Stop number 14 on the hunt sent me to Storax Tree.  There I found the globe that contained this gorgeous candle lit tree.  The POE Glove was pretty simple to find,  and the prize inside it simply beautiful.

     Now something for the ladies.  Some of us have the bento hands.   I myself find them to be wonderful.  With the movements of the bento hands its very realistic.  On to our prize.  At the store slipper I found the prize glove fairly easy. 

Its stop 4 in this hunt.  Inside the globe is a fantastic prize for bento hands,  but also included in the globe are nails for Slink hands as well.  So if you have bento or Slink hands you are going to love these Christmas nails.   The nails are both right and left hands. 

Lastly I am going to show you the most adorable thing I have found on the hunt thus far.  From  Potomac Signature Homes stop 153 on the hunt,  I found these cute little pets.   Now I jumped ahead a bit on the hunt.  I was at Potomac Homes looking at a house there and found the hunt prize instead.  The house was gorgeous too!

These are just a few of the wonderful prizes your going to find once you get going on this grid wide event.  Take your time,  take some friends,  take some family!  Your going to enjoy this one for sure.

Until next time,  have much fun,  and as always enjoy your Second Life.


Monday, November 20, 2017

The Jerky Turkey Hunt

By Shaza Denver

Hello Readers,

Today I am writing to you about a long standing event that happens every year here in Second Life.  Its a hunt.  As promised I am going to be covering events and happenings in SL that are of interest to you our readers.  This time out there its a hunt. 

As its almost Thanksgiving here in the states,  there is a hunt that has been around for years now that I follow.  I look forward to the Jerky Turkey Hunt every year.   Not only are there fantastic creators involved, its a well put together hunt.  The clues are easy to follow and the prizes ....... well you will see as I am going to post a few.  

I have always found thought that creators should put their best foot forward when it comes to gifts and hunt prizes.  It gives a creator a chance to showcase their product in a favorable light and reach people in a fun way.  The better the prize,  and the quality of that prize,  the more apt you are to go back and shop at that store.  At least that is how it is for me.  Also if you are there to get the prize,  you might join the group if you are so inclined. 

Now on to the hunt.  The Jerky Turkey Hunt has been around Second Life for years.  Its a fun hunt with a total of 53 stops.  Each prize cost 1 linden.  As I am going to show you, some of these prizes are well worth that 1 linden.  

There is a web site with easy to use landmarks,  and even easier clues to follow that will help you along the way with this hunt.  I will say,  follow the clues to the letter,  and you will find your prize.  Your looking for an orange turkey feather.  Here is the addy to the website.

That's the landmarks and hints page of this hunt.  There is also a picture of the item you will be hunting.  This hunt runs until November 30th.   So get out there and get going.  Your going to love it!

Let me show you some of the prizes to be found. 

This cute little jumper dress is the prize from Mooh.  Its called the Jenny Dress.  I just love how cute it is. 

Now even though its getting a bit of a chill in the air you can still pull off a pretty halter dress.  Everyone needs a nice semi-formal.  This prize from Grumble is no exception.  Its a lovely addition to your wardrobe.  This is the prize from Grumble, which by the way is the starting point of the hunt.

There is a pretty hair to be found as a prize at "Firelight".  I had never heard of this shop before so I took a bit of time looking around.  Its a gorgeous prize that comes
with a hud that allows you two color choices. 

I am going to be doing more of this hunt in the coming days.  I really am enjoying doing this hunt with my Second Life family.  I hope you will enjoy doing this hunt as well!

Until next time,


Monday, November 13, 2017


Hello Readers,

As promised I will bring you events I feel are of interest and are of benefit to you.  So in my travels through Second Life this week, I came upon and event that will run from November 10th to November 30th.  Now don't you all scream at once, but its a hair sale: Hairology

Hairology has been around for quite some time as you may know.  Its an event that runs monthly featuring some of the very best creators on the grid.  I highly recommend that you get by and check it out.  Not only for the sales but this month especially.  

Now I did have a little problem getting into this amazing event.  That is because its vastly popular.  The sheer talent of the designers featured at Hairology is enough to make you want to run there before you walk.  Once in I was amazed to find out that this is an anniversary event.  So what does that mean to us as consumers.  Well I will tell you.  Gifts!   Not only will you find fantastic designs from some premium designers,  they have also set out a gift to mark the 10th anniversary of Hairology! Now let me get  you a Uber to the event,  because I know your ready to go. 

Waterton Way (62/175/2797)

 I am posting some of the free gifts.  These are just a sample of what is set out for us to pick up and enjoy. 

This cute little bob is from Tukinowaguma.  Tuck for short.  Its a great hair that goes from casual to chic in moments.  The gift comes in several colors for your ease of use.  It can be pared with just about any look you are trying to achieve. 

Next up I have somewhat of a boho inspired hair.  I just love boho and all the different looks.  This hair is from no.match.  It comes in three different base colors with a hair base applier for Catwa,  Omega,  Lelutka,  and TMP.  That's pretty handy to have. 

[RunAway Hair] set out a great gift for us.  Now I used it for a formal look,  but you can again use it for which ever look your going for.  Its a super beautiful hair that comes in so many different color combinations.  The colors in the hud are beautiful two-toned hairs.

I hope you enjoy the event readers.  I know I did.  Until next time.


Friday, November 10, 2017

The Gacha Garden

By Shaza Denver

Hello Readers,

As promised I am going to send you out on a journey.  Today's journey is an event that has been around for some time: the Gacha Garden.  Who doesn't love gacha!!??

My daughter was kind enough to drop me the LM.  I think she had a motive though. She might be as addicted to gacha as I am.   I mean come on.  Its like finding the prize at the bottom of the cereal box.  You see this fantastic prize.......the rare,  so you just have to keep going till you have it.  This event runs from Nov. 1st  through Nov. 30th. so hurry on over.   Some of the creators have been kind enough to set out gifts for us. How lovely is that? I say!  I will show you a few of the gifts that I gathered up.

At first it was a bit hard to get in as this is a much anticipated event.   Its pretty easy to teleport in now. 

You can read more on how to play at

Gimme Gacha Productions (127, 238, 25)

This pretty hair wreath from .::Nanika::.  in yellow just screams fall.  I coupled the hair wreath with the free gift they have set out for you.  The earrings are so delicate and such a lovely color.  Let me give you the LM  to the main store for you to check out as well.  The gacha at the event has a few different types of hair wreaths.  The rare will come with a hud that will make available 5 different colors of the wreath.  At 50L a pull thats some deal!  Good luck and enjoy.

Serena Almeria (42/86/2002)

I am going to give you one more sneak look at an item at the Gacha Garden.   This one will be something for your home.  Now if you have never visited Goose,  you really must.  A fantastic creator,  that makes high quality designs for our home and garden.  They are at the gacha garden this round with a outdoor living set that is so comfy looking you just want to melt into it.  At 75L a pull its a real deal. The rare is going to be the bench in PG or adult versions.  They have a great gift set out for you as well.  Get on over and grab it up and try your luck at the gacha.  You won't be disappointed.  Let me give you the LM to the main store.  Go give them a look see.  I think  you will like what you find there.

GOOSE - Home & Garden, Oyster Pond (174, 111, 31)

Enjoy this journey.  I sure did.  My wallet.....not so much!

Take care till next time.


Shaza Denver

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fashion Looks for March

By Mylie Foxclaw

In today’s post, I’m going to show you 3 different looks.  One is a casual day wear with a trendy twist, a classic short dress and finally, a casual chic dress.  You will find a cool mix of items from different price range.

First, I have the Samatha dress from Evani.  Classy yet sexy, this dress will definitely turn heads as you pass by.  I kept the styling as simple as possible, using my diathus high heels and my Fenella hair which is a very simple hairstyle that blends well with the look. 

Look 1:
Dress: Samatha by Evani - Mountain/176/107/26
Dianthus shoes by Glamistry -

Next, I have this Navy dress from Stories & Co.  This one is a group gift (L$100 to join & tons of monthly gifts).  Use it for a simple day look, for work, or even clubbing or a dinner date.  Don’t you love such outfits which can be used for various occasions?

Look 2:  Hair & shoes same as in Look 1. 

Next, we have this cool look.  The hair is a VIP gift from Truth.  You may already be familiar with the ripped jeans from Blueberry if you have been following my previous blog posts.  Here I want to focus on the shoes and the Jacket.  They are both from Ricielli.  The best part is that they are part of the recent Valentine hunt at Ricielli.  Each hunt item costs L$15 and you can get so many items ranging from shoes to clothing!  Make sure not to miss out on this hunt which will go on till the 10th of March.  I have included the hunt gift list from Ricielli.

Look 3:
Hair: Deja (Gift from Truth VIP Group)
Jeans - Pizza from Blueberry -
(See poster for all the hunt items)

Mylie Foxclaw

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Kultivate Spring Fashion Event

By Gemma Cleanslate

“Kultivate Magazine in conjunction with AIM is pleased to announce it’s first ever Spring Fashion Event! The Spring Fashion Event will take place February 11 to 26, 2017! This event will consist of fashion shows, a shopping area with exclusives, a special hunt, entertainment, and more!  The Fantasy Angels will also present a special themed show as the finale on February 26, 2017!”  To see what is going on during the event check this website

I went over to visit the region to check on what would be for sale and what would be going on .
The build is futuristic and fun to walk . There are 50 fashion designers to shop and the recipient of the event is “Feed a Smile” . I found some lovely spring outfits on display and finally gave in and bought a few outfits .

 Here I am on the Runway pretending I am in the show! I am wearing an exquisite creation 'Banu’ by Niles Karas of Flowerdreams.  

And my other choice which looked so fresh and light is Prism Dawn in pink (you have choices of color) by Jezzixa Cazalet.  Some of my favorite merchants are here . Two hunts will be going on during the weeks and hints are available on the website too. I will be going back for those! If you are interested in the numerous fashion shows take a look there at the website above.

It is all for a wonderful cause.” Feed a Smile is a project of the RL registered non-profit organization - Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l. (LLK Int'l) Brique Topaz - (Zeiner) is the real-life Chairwoman of the organization in Kenya and in Germany. LLK Int'l is in its 11th year - and has sent hundreds of children to school.” 1L feeds a child lunch in Kenya so it is really worth something. You have until February 26 to shop your heart out and see the spring fashions.

Gemma Cleanslate   

Monday, February 6, 2017

February Fashions

By Mylie Foxclaw

Today I want to show you a cool outfit from the February round of Fameshed.  Next, I’ll show you some nice things that I found on MP and inworld for those on a tight budget.  I like digging for such outfits because it helps to discover new stores that you don’t really hear about.  Let’s get started.

I adore this casual long shirt with the jeans jacket over it from Zenith.  This costs L$350. It’s a trendy look and I’m wearing it as a dress right now.  I’m wearing the Fenella hair from Truth which comes with and without a hat option and used my ankle boots from Ingenue.  This outfit will be available only for this current round of Fameshed.  I assume that it will be at the Zenith mainstore after the round.

Let’s work out our pixels!  This sports outfit is from Wellmade and its only L$1 on the marketplace! It’s available in both black and white. I use the Maitreya body, so I used the hud but the appliers are available for various mesh bodies and for the standard shape too.  To look sporty, I decided on a ponytail called Careful from Magika and my Vernon sneakers.  Make sure to check out Wellmade, there’s some nice deals there!

Let’s keep it sporty-fun with these fun wedges from Hibicus and they are free on MP.  I am wearing them with these high-waisted shorts from Ibela which are also free and my frilly top is an old group gift from Tres Blah.  

Finally, I found this gown from Hibicus which is free and I’m absolutely in love with it because of the back and colours.  Pick an updo as you don’t want the hair to hide you back!  I’m using Juanuary from Truth which is an old group gift.  I think you should check that store out.  There’s nice stuff for great prices.

Look 1:
Shirt and Jacket: Jeans Shirt with Skit (Deep Blue) from Zenith (Fameshed) -

Look 2:
Sports outfit: Layne Sports Outfit by Wellmade:
Shoes: Vernon Shoes by {kokoia} Exclusive Designs

Look 3:
Top: Frilly top from Tres Blah
Shorts: Short Mina Fitted from Ibela
Shoes: Hija Wedges from Hibicus

Look 4:
Hair: January from Truth (2013 gift)
Dress: Elegant dress Orc from Hibicus
Shoes: None since the dress hides my feet.

Mylie Foxclaw

Friday, January 27, 2017

January Specials That You May Not Want to Miss!

By Mylie Foxclaw

Today I found some nice deals and *drumroll please* FREEBIES! I can’t wait to share these with you, especially I love these outfits.  Let’s begin with the Free Gifts.

Meli Imako has put this retro outfit as the January group gift.  It is also available for free on the marketplace.  I’m wearing the Eszter Hair from Truth and my Kyra heels from Ricielli.  If you want to go retro, this is the look!

The next outfit is called We want peace by Entice.  For this look, I’m wearing my Wendy heels from Ricielli and the Fenella hair from Truth.  It is a group gift and comes with a hud for changing the colours.  You can mix and match the top and the bottom.  

The Autumn Outfit from GOLDI studio is currently available for L$30 on the marketplace.  You can find some more outfits on sale currently, so make sure not to miss out.  This outfit comes with the top, bottom, boots and bag.  I am wearing the Kati hair from Truth which is the January VIP gift.

Next, this cute sweater from Les Fees Endormies is only L$10 on the marketplace.  You will find other colours available for the same price.  I kept the boots from GOLDI studio and used my pizza jeans from Blueberry.  I’m wearing the Irena hair from Truth which was the December group gift.

Enjoy these awesome deals and make sure to grab them fast as they may be unavailable after January or their prices will be back to normal after the sales. 

All Hair used are from Truth Hair -

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Outfit 3:

Outfit 4:
Jeans - Pizza from Blueberry -

Mylie Foxclaw

Monday, January 16, 2017

How Can a Hairdo Change Your Look?

By Mylie Foxclaw

Wearing a particular style of hair can really change your whole look from sexy to fun.  This is pretty cool, especially in Second Life where you don’t need to spend hours trying to fix your hair!

Today, I’m going to show you different hairs that can be used in order to style a simple T-shirt.  I’ve picked a T-shirt from Tres Blah, which is available as a past gacha item but you can easily find it on MP from people who trade gacha items.  You must note that Gacha items are no copy.  

The first hair I’m using is called Amorette from Truth Hair.  It’s a fun style with most of your hair down and two big braids to add some twist to the hairdo.  It’s the hair I love to use to rock casual looks.  It’s fun and playful.  

The next hair I’m using adds a sexy flair.  It’s called Forever by Exile.  It’s great if you are styling your T-shirt with a pair of jeans and some high heels.  It’s nice and gives you a more casual-chic look with just a little touch of glamour.  

Now I am wearing the daffodil hair from Magika.  This hair has a lot of volume but it shows more of your face.  The little hair clip adds a touch of cuteness.  This is great for those who like a more youthful look.

Another way I enjoy to style my T-shirt look is by using a hat.  I find that it is a really fun twist to an everyday look.  Here I’m wearing the Fenella hair from Truth.  The hair comes with and without the hat.  

Another cool way is to go for fun colours.  It’s a nice way to spike your look or maybe go just a little wild.  For instance, for the crimson hair from Little Bone.  I opted for those tones that match with my T-shirt.  

The Born to Die hair from Little Bone is another nice look that turns up the glamour to a little notch.  I love the way the curls frame the face and this time I opted for the black and brown combo.  The curls are sexy and elegant; a lovely way to make a casual look appear classy.

Finally, if you want to go with an adorable casual look, the Clove hair from Wasabi is perfect.  The hair frames the face nightly and the length is just perfect.  The little hair clips are a nice touch and there’s a hud that lets you change the colour of each clip. 

Indeed, hair can change your overall look from sexy to elegant and absolutely cute.  Sometimes a change in hair colour can give a brilliant twist to a simple outfit.


Little Bones:

Mylie Foxclaw