Monday, July 28, 2014

DrFran Gets Furry – The Quest for Cover Hunt

By DrFran Babcock

A while ago I wrote an editorial about how hard it was to find decent freebies for Furries. With the Quest for Cover Hunt, I have had to take back my words. This free hunt has 40 shops in it, and the items to be won range the gamut from clothes to avatar modification kits.

I am usually human, but to humor her friends and boss I can become a fur. My favorite fur is a Siamese cat, so I donned it and went looking for the hunt item, a kitty shaped donut. There were prizes for males and females, but you will only see the female ones (Any males out there who want to do hunt articles on male items? I hope I never have to don a male alt. That’s all I will say on this topic.

I did not cover every item in the hunt, and as always I show what I want to show. The hunt runs until August 11th, so shake your tail, and get hunting.

A Selection of Hunt Prizes

QFC Prize 1 from Furry Fashions – These mesh leggings come with a HUD that allows you to change colors. They come in five different sizes, to fit all avatars, but I had to remove my lower legs for them to fit correctly. I like color-change items, because I can wear them with a lot of different outfits. Furry Fashion:

QFC Prize 3 – I am always amazed when someone gives away a really valuable and nice item in a free hunt. This Ladies Pleasure Small Tack House is a delightful petite building. H0ney Heart, the owner of Ladies Pleasure is a great builder. I have seen her work at the Builders Brewery Show and Tell. This is definitely a keeper, and only 11 LI!

QFC Prize 4 – This prize box came with a number of items in it: Several pairs of eyes, and other items, but it was Winry's Whimsey Blueburry Soap Typer that I liked the best. This mouthie is adorable, but what makes it really fun is the bubbles it releases when you type. Sadly the eyes didn’t fit my avatar, but maybe they will fit yours. Winry’s Whimsey:

QFC Prize 7 – What would a fur event be without a tail? Well, you needn’t worry because Cubic Cherry Kre-ations Tail is here to save the day. The tail isn’t animated, but it’s curly and just might be the right touch from some outfits.

QFC Prize 8 – Some may find these Hybrid Ears a bit odd, but I like them, because they are so different. They are made by Fujiwara's World and can be found here:

QFC Prize 10 – This was my favorite of the hunt, not only because it was a cute dragon hoodie from VOIDVOIDVOID, but because it was provided along with the Photoshop texture, so that if I want I could retexture the hoodie in any colors and textures I want. The hoodie is available here:

QFC Prize ? - Murder of Ravens Enderbeast Avatar. This is a crazy, crazy avatar. I kind of think that  the missing arms are actually because this is a mod? Help me furries.

QFC 13 and 14 – Simple Prim Glasses from Static and Katatonik Color Change Bow

QFC Prize 25 - Lyrieal's Boutique: All Tangled Up: Large assortment of clothes. Here's the red tangled outfit that just screamed Panther, so I changed avatars.
Taken at La Botanique In many, many colors.

That’s only a little over half of what’s in store, but I figure this article will be too long to read if I keep going.  I have to say that I am convinced that there’s hope for the future of free furry fun (sorry, couldn’t resist the alliteration).
Interested in the Quest for Cover Furry Hunt? All the information you need is right here:

DrFran Babcock