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Be a Noob, Just Don’t Look Like One – The Hipster Fair

By DrFran Babcock

Thank you all for your kind response to the first Be a Noob, Just Don’t Look Like One feature in SL Newser. Thanks to your response Desirée is motivated to find you more great ways to look super for less Lindens.

The Hipster Fair

That said, let’s waste no time talking about The Hipster Fair, located on the sim of Wonderful Cove ( ) is a celebration of creativity for residents and creators alike. In much the same way as the Hair Fair, there are gifts in almost every one of the over 100 shops. The gifts are either free or one Linden, and run the gamut from jewelry to clothing to shoes. If you can tolerate the lag, you can get some really worthy additions to your inventory.

The one drawback at these events is the lag. Most of the attendees are the bloggers and the fashionistas in Second Life™, therefore some planning is required. If you are determined to conquer the fair early on—it opened on January 22nd—you need to do a few simple things.

First, the best time to visit is during the hours that are too late for the west coast of the USA, and too early for Europe, or about 2 AM SL. Unfortunately, you will still have competition from folks in Asia, but it’s the time when the least amount of residents are on.

Second, you are advised to decrease your own level of lag by wearing few scripts, few clothes, and few HUDs.  As noted above, the fashionistas are in heavy attendance at these events, and most of them would rather die than go without their intricate outfits and multiple attachments. Desirée is not as concerned, and usually goes to high-attendance events dressed simply. Some events (e.g. The Seasons Story) go as far as banning residents whose rendering costs (how much lag they cause) are too high. That is not the case at The Hipster Fair.

So, what goodies lie in store? All of the gifts below can be found in the small shops in The Hipster Fair, at the SLurl given above. Here is a small sampling. All of the items below are from The Hipster Fair and are one Linden or Free.

 As always, Desirée tries to pose in places that may be of interest, or are featured in the Second Life™ Destination Guide when she can ( ):

Picture 1: Taken at Jasmine’s Hollow, a wonderfully romantic build with all kinds of nooks and crannies to explore ( )

BOOTS: noName Viola boots
DRESS: Sassy! Vintage Dress
NECKLACE: ArisAria – AA8 Pebbles Necklace, Earringscomes with a HUD to change to gold or silver, and change the color of the gem as well
EARRINGS: “DEW” – Hipster
STOCKINGS: Suicide Girls – Lily Socks Purple
BACKPACK: FreshFace – Sweet Candy Backpack
LIPSTICK: Mystic Canvas. This is a fat pack of over twenty lipsticks, most of which are very, very bright. This watermelon coloring is dedicated to Torley Linden.
POSE: ATELIER – Female Model
HAIR: (not from the Hipster Fair, but featured in the last article from the Lucky Board at D!VA (

Picture 2: Taken at Floating Islands – Raft , an Eupalinos Ugajin Linden Endowment for the Arts build. This is an intricate and fun build to explore. (

BODYSUIT: 1Hundred Breathless Bodysuit in Blue

SHORTS: “=AnDreChi+” Shorts

MUFFLER:J&A Hipster Scarf in Mesh, with male and female versions

STOCKINGS: Again, Suicide Girls – Lily Socks, but in black this time

Picture 3: 

This is a bunch of items, all of which are from Shanti Bohemian. The quality is only medium, but I like the Ganeesha statue. Everything you see: Ganeesha, Om symbol, carpet and mesh dress are in the gift.

Picture 4:
What would Second Life™ be without the presence of the Grumpy Cat? If you say “nothing,” then you will adore this cute top emblazoned with the curmudgeon of feline fame. You can get it in The Hipster Fair shop from SSW – a store whose full name can’t be printed here.

So, that’s the Hipster Fair freebie and dollarbie selection. The sim also has gacha machines and you can buy plenty of items from the stores. This event does not get Desirée’s highest recommendation, but it’s definitely worth it to come take a look. Also, the two sims mentioned  are most certainly meant for exploration.

DrFran Babcock

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