Monday, March 14, 2016

Some "Fashion For Life" Outfits

By Gemma Cleanslate

I have been roaming through all the  shops in all the sims of the Fashion for Life and buying some lovely spring outfits . There are so many lovely choices it is hard to stop shopping.This outfit is from Sweettea in the Pin Up region and it really is sweet! I comes in a glass of tea which when you wear it to open the animation gives you a drink of tea and a look of enjoyment. It is classy and fun and makes great dayware!

My next purchase was in the David Bowie Tribute sim at ::MM:: . since I fish a lot in sl I like jeans and tees. This one was perfect for the spring weather and I can wear a belly jewel with it too! The jeans are textured and the tee is a shaded purple. 

While I was in that region I stopped in at The Grey Goose , a sponsor of the sim. There was so much to choose from! I sent a slurl to some male friends since it had so many choices for men. I picked up a little black number that will be perfect for clubbing! I think it can be dressed up or down.

The Fashion for Life will be open until March 20 . Don’t miss the opportunity to see a lot of your favorite designers all in one place. Remember there are 7 sims full ….. and entertainment !  Here is the entry to The Grey Goose to start you off. It is in the” middle” of the David Bowie Tribute sim.

Gemma Cleanslate

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