Monday, October 31, 2016

Affordable Halloween Looks

By Mylie Foxclaw

It’s Halloween and you want to find a cool costume but there’s a problem, you cannot afford something expensive.  Well, I have two fun Halloween looks for you and the best part is that it does not require a lot of L$.

This Halloween I decided that I wanted to be a witch.  I decided to hunt for a black dress that would suit the look I had in mind; something classic.  I decided to visit Coco designs in second life.  It is a cool store that has clothing for both ladies and men.  As I strolled by the group gift section, I spotted a cool pointy hat along with some spooky boots.  I also noted that the designer had also put out a dress called Wednesday which is inspired from the character Wednesday Addams from ‘The Addams Family.’  The group at Coco is free to join and there are a variety of group gifts available for ladies.

Now, if you wish to turn into Wednesday Addams this Halloween, this dress would be the perfect one.  You just need to find some black shoes to match the dress.  I have recently found a set of free shoes on Garbaggio’s marketplace store.  The shoes work well for slink and normal feet and comes with a hud that allows you to change the colour.  You can find a pair of nice black stockings at Avicandy (on the marketplace) for L$49.  Wednesday Addams wears her jet black hair in long pigtails.  I suggest the ‘Enjoy’ hair from Elikatira which costs L$285.  Makeup is optional for this look but you can add dark lipstick or eye make up for the sake of a scary effect.  Glamorize is my favourite store for makeup layers as they are very cheap but of good quality. The pack I picked is L$10  You are now the SL Wednesday Addams!

As I have previously mentioned, I planned to be a witch for Halloween this year.  I decided to stick to the Wednesday dress by Coco.  I also got the Witch Hat which is free as well.  I decided that I would find something more edgy concerning my shoes.  I wanted to have something with skulls.  I found the Buffy Heels from Illy to be perfect.  They currently cost only L$50 as a special Halloween sale and the colour hud allows you to change the colours from dark red to green or black.  In fact, these shoes can work with various types of Halloween costumes or gothic outfits. 

Since my dress is very neat, I decided to pair that up with torn stockings.  I looked up on Avicandy’s marketplace store and found some good choices.  I picked the Fishnet Style 3 Torn pack which costs L$49. 

Next on my list was hair.  A friend recently told me that Little Bones had a few hair packs as group gifts.   It costs L$100 to join the group but you can pick the various group gifts which include fatpacks and some specific colour packs.  I found that it was a great deal.  I decided on the Chorus hair and the fun part is that the right part of the hair is a different colour from the left part and the hud has some great colour combinations. Furthermore, the hair comes in three different sizes and the small size works perfectly with the witch hat from Coco. 

For the makeup, I decided to pick the Halloween Makeup - Spider Web Classic from CottonCANDYmonsteR which costs L$15 on the marketplace.  It is a Halloween eye makeup layer with the design of a spider web around each eye.  You can add some lipstick of your choice or leave your lips as they are.  I picked a red lipstick from Glamorize since it matches the colour I picked for my shoes.  Your SL witch look is now ready!

You now have two fun but affordable looks to rock this Halloween!  The links to the stores or marketplace products are provided below.  I wish you a great Halloween.  Send us your halloween pictures, we'll be happy to see how you dressed up this year!


Styling Card:

Wednesday Addams Look

Hair - Enjoy by Elikatira -

Dress - Wednesday

Shoes- Garbaggio -

Stockings - AviCandy -

Lipstick & Eye Makeup -

Scary Witch Look

Hair - HairLittle Bones Group Gift - Chorus (S) -

Witch Hat - Coco Designs Group Gift -

Eye Makeup - CottonCANDYmonsteR -

Lipstick - Glamorize -

Dress - Coco Designs Group Gift - Wednesday

Shoes:Buffy skull Heels by Illy


Mylie Foxclaw

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