Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fall Outfits

By Mylie Foxclaw

Wondering what to wear this fall?  Today I have two looks that look comfortable yet chic and trendy.  These are two quick looks that require just a few minutes to put together.  Whether you are using a standard shape or a mesh shape, these two looks are compatible for both. 

Outfit 1 – After the Rain

If you hate spending too much time shopping or putting a look together, you will love the ‘After the Rain’ outfit from Beautiful Dirty Rich.  This outfit is available in a variety of colours which include red and purple.  I picked the brown one as the colours work perfectly for this season.  It comes with a cardigan, vest and t-shirt as well as jeans, boots and a cap.  Furthermore, you will find a hud that gives you a range of prints in brown shades to choose from for the cardigan as well as colours for the boots, vest, the t-shirt, the buttons and embellishments.  Thus, you can personalize your look according to your preferences.  You can choose any type of hair for this look but if you like the hair I am wearing in the picture, it is called ‘No’ by Magika.   The ‘After the Rain’ outfit costs L$200 and the hair costs L$260 and comes in different shades. 

Outfit 2- Casual Chic for the Fall

For this second look, I chose this cute off shoulder sweatshirt by Très Blah.  It is currently available for the October round of Collabor88 after which you will find it in the Très Blah store.  There are a variety of shades to choose from.  Mine says ‘C’est la vie’ which means ‘its life’ in French.  I paired this up with my favourite jeans, the spiked jeans light from Ricielli but you can choose your own.  My personal trick when wearing shirts and jeans is to wear the jeans in a size or two smaller.  This way, your shirt will not poke through your jeans where they meet.  To add a bit of glamour to this look, I opted for this pair of high heels open-toe shoes called Dianthus from Glamistry in black.  I think it also adds some sexiness to the look.  For the hair, I suggest to opt for buns, short hair, or braided hair; anything that leaves the shoulder exposed since this is what makes the sweater so feminine even though it’s a casual look.  I am wearing the hair Malea from Truth in dark brown shades.    The sweater currently costs L$188 at Collabor88.  The hair is L$250 and the shoes are L$479.  The jeans are available at L$265. 

These two looks are perfect for this season.  They look so comfortable yet feminine and trendy.  You can also add your own personal touch to them. 

Styling Cards:
Outfit 1 - After the Rain outfit:
Outfit: ‘After the Rain – Brown’ by Beautiful Dirty Rich –

Outfit 2 – Casual Chic for the Fall
Sweatshirt: ‘Olsen Sweatshirt’ by Très Blah for Collabor88 -
Jeans: ‘Spiked Jeans’ light by Ricielli -

Just a note: Ricielli started a Halloween hunt on the first November till the first of December.  You will need to hunt for a Halloween pumpkin and each pumpkin costs L$15.  Hunt items include shoes, clothing and a handbag for women.  Check the advert below for the list of items.

Mylie Foxclaw

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