Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Commentary: Fashion Bloggers, Why They Matter

By SamanthaS Nightfire

I salute you, Fashion Bloggers of Second Life;  you inspire me to spend my money like a crazy women and I know designers love you because sometimes you’re the only reason for a purchase. Shoppers have no clue that you are one of the driving forces behind fashion purchases.

It’s not easy blogging about fashion, you have to keep up to date on what’s going on in the virtual fashion world. Of the many things to do behind the scenes, they need to set up and market a blog-web site. Open a vast amount of social media accounts, then, not in any particular order, apply to blog for a certain designer or product, wait to be chosen or not. Or be free-lance and go out on your own, get outfits, put an ensemble together, add in props, become experts at lighting, get your background either by creating a back board, buy a studio or search Second Life for a sim you feel fits what needs to be portrayed. Open image-saving accounts because they will be taking a tremendous amount of pictures and need storage. Then take your photos-images, edit them, then write up sample post. Lastly, market the hell out of it. Whoo, that’s exhausting just typing it all.

Tremendous effort is obvious in their work production. Most times I’m amazed the beautiful color layout and thought that goes into the final product. Rather advertising or critiques on fashion, it’s never just an outfit but the accessories, the background, shoes, hair and makeup.  The right lighting makes a huge difference in image clarity as well producing professional looking photos. Design skills insist on them adding a coffee cup, birds, a little puppy and poses that are just right. Yes, they are brilliant stylist too; putting together the right outfit is a huge feat for that final result. Though, sometimes designers want specific things or certain poses included with their creations for presentation to the world with each project. Lastly, don’t forget all the credits they list so buyers can find what they end up loving. I know from experience, credits are a pain in the butt.

Most Fashion Bloggers are seasoned travelers, searching Second Life to find the perfect setting to display the hours of work already done before that photograph (image) is even taken. I know, from previous experience, it takes lots of effort and research to produce the teasing image-outcomes. Then sprinkle in the management and marketing for bloggers; it would be a huge pain in the butt if they didn’t love their work.

Designers-store owners do employ, rate and monitor their bloggers. A few also get compensated with Lindens and all of them do get to keep the merchandise they are given. Some bloggers have even become so quit well known like Strawberry Singh, because their skills are outstanding and they shine above all others. Strawberry is now a Linden Lab employee. Then, there are some bloggers like you and I, we’re just fans who love fashion (smile).

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