Monday, September 23, 2013

Chest Treasures

In my first report, I took you continent hopping and discovering treasure chests. Join me, now, as we explore a grand new mall, called Chest Treasures. What is this intrepid explorer doing, reporting on a shopping mall, you ask? Well, what woman doesn't like exploring a new shopping mall? Shortly after joining SL, I discovered that I could make Lindens, to shop with, by dancing on a pole at Escort Oasis. I made good money doing it, but girlfriends said I could make even more by working at "expansion" clubs. In these clubs, the dancers wear prim breasts, a.k.a. implants, and grow bigger with each tip. Long story short, I bought my first set of implants and became a professional dancer. 

In my first club, one of the dancers showed me how to make custom tops for the implants. Within two months, I opened my first clothing shop. It wasn't long before my shop was turning up on lists of the best places to shop and other designers were imitating my styles. Ultimately, the owner of Implant Nation invited me to have a free booth in their main store. 

Fast forward to the present, the owner of Implant Nation quit SL, I retired from pro dancing, developed a new mesh line of clothing and became an explorer. With my favorite brand of implants out of the picture, all of my clothing vendors for them were left to gather dust in my inventory. Unlike other implant clothes, mine included full perm textures, which allowed users of other brands to manually edit them into their implants, but I was hesitant to offer them without the appliers for other brands.

Enter Solidx, a skilled builder and old friend. He told me that he had built a mall and invited me to sell my clothing there. As a member of the still active Implant Nation group, I knew there were still many users that could use my products and, in time, I could add appliers for other brands. I accepted Solidx's invitation and set up a kiosk to offer my busty clothing and also my new line of mesh jackets, dresses and boots. Since then, SL Newser has created a fashion page and the editor said that if the owner of shops buys advetisement, news articles can provide links to them. Solidx was glad to pay for an ad to bring more traffic to the many shops in his new mall. With that, I began an in depth exploration, so that I may tell you of my experience and invite you to come see it for yourself.

The Breast Friendly Shopping Mall

When I was a pro-dancer, I wore my implants every day and was always on the look out for shops and malls that sold compatible clothing. All too often, I found myself in shops that did not list the brands that were supported or the quality did not meet my expectations. As I began to explore Chest Treasures, three things made a good impression, right from the start. They have over sixty shops in one location, all of the clothing is top quality and all come with appliers for Lolas Tango implants. I have many brands, but did not have that one yet, so I paused my research and found Lolas shop, to get a look at them. 

I found the vendor and spent at least an hour standing there looking at them. On the one hand, they were the best looking brand I'd ever seen, but then, they were also the most expensive. I stood there, weighing the pros and cons of whether I should buy them or not. On the down side, there was a) the high price, b) I don't require them for my job, c) I'd have to buy clothes that support them and d) With my looks, I already get hit on, everywhere I go, by both men and women. On the plus side there was a) While I stood there, at least a half dozen girls came by to drool over them with me, saying they were saving up to buy a pair, b) I did have enough money, c) It would be easy for me to make or modify clothes to go with them and sell, d) I knew that many of the Chest Treasures shops were giving away gifts for the grand opening and there were a lot of prize chairs, so I would get a few outfits to start, without having to spend any more and e) I actually enjoy being too pretty for my own good, (laughing out loud). 

The pros outweighed the cons, so I paid the $1750, rushed home to open my package and try them out. After setting the skin color to match my av and putting on one of the included tops, I returned to Chest Treasures and spent the next two days walking to every shop in the mall. Within 24 hours, I had figured out how to convert my own clothing to work with the Lolas. Solidx provided me with a current list of all the shops.

The Shops at Chest Treasures

Moda Mia, Purple Candy, Tam's Trousseau, Whis Designs, Dee Designs, NewtiQue, Pink Sugah, Tits Up, Patchwork Heart, Rachel Swallows Creations, [trs], Candi's Cuties & Co, AVD, Sage, Goddess Couture,
Her Majesty's Treasure Chest, Sjaja, Trinite, Hello Titty Lola Tango Clothing, Tiny Things, Aqua Kisses,
Vooh Designs, BlondeQueen Shapes, Boobee Trap, D&G Fashion, Ellette, iBooBs, Imagicas G-Spot, Stacked,
Abby's Angel Fashions, Blink 2 Wink, Charm, Chebs, DRBC, GWC, Gatherings Designs, Kimmy's LiL Shop,
Laney's, Mountain Tops, PB Designs, Que Bella!, MadCatCreations, Ravnous, Spanked, Amberlicious Design,
Aris Aris, BAS Designs, Dethly Productions Tattoos, Sweet Revenge, Porn Factor, Luna Designs *Sensual Skins*,
Busty Boutique, Liz's Loot, Tw@ttyC@ke, Fulana's, Bailey's Bare Essentials, Sha Boutique,
1Hundred, Angeldust, PixyStix, Tameless Affiliate, Blue Wave,  Kennedy's, B. Barbie,  !ABISH!

It does not matter if you wear implants or not, as all these clothes can be worn with or without them. With so many quality shops, with their sales, free gifts and prize chairs, you're bound to fill a shopping cart with each visit and return again for the convenience of one stop shopping. Many of the shops also provide LMs to their main stores and group joins, so you can stay informed of their latest offerings. In the two days that I spent exploring, I counted 14 prize chairs and 28 free gifts. . If that's not enough, there is also a shop that sells houses by Solidx and a nightclub.

Keeping "abreast"
Chest Treasure also has a blog and a Facebook page, so you can stay informed of all the new additions.

When you go to the mall, keep an eye out for me. Most likely, you'll find me twiddling my thumbs, by the prize chairs.

Becky "Sha" Shamen

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