Friday, September 27, 2013

DrFran’s Alt Goes Shopping – Autumn Hunts & Gacha Madness

By DrFran Babcock

Well, DrFran is busy building for Burn2, so she sent me out to see what’s worth buying or finding on the grid. It’s not such a hardship, as she set me up with a few Lindens, even though I am careful not to spend too much. I had much success.

The Autumn Effect Hunt

The second Autumn Effect Hunt ( ) is going on until October 15th, and contains free hunt items that are worth the effort. What I like about hunts is how they sometimes expose me to shops I might never have known existed in this huge virtual world. I fell in love with the flirty mesh micro mini that came from Luckie, a store I had never seen before. For Tango lovers, the top does come with appliers, which I choose not to wear. You can find Luckie here: . The hunt object for which you search is a wooden disk with an autumn leaf on it, and the hints on the Depraved Nation website above make them easy to find.

The Arcade Gacha Event

 You have to be under a sculpty rock to not know about this round of The Arcade Gacha (  ). This insanely addictive event began in 2012, and has swept the grid like an Ozimal on steroids. The key element in this sale is that you always win and item every time you play a gacha machine, but only a few items per machine are rare or coveted. But wait, there’s more: All of the items are no mod, no copy, but transfer. Thus, a whole economy and lifestyle that is centered on residents trading for the items they want has been created, and an enormous quantity of items find their way to resident sponsored yard sales.

There is no one item that is more desired than any other. For example, DrFran brought a friend to the event—by the way, the build of the Arcade is just gorgeous—and was completely shocked that she wanted to collect the porcelain fairy statues in the gacha created by Baiastice. However, once she saw them, she had to collect a set for herself. The gacha machines can cost from 25-100 Lindens, and you always get one of the prizes. If you don’t like what got, just trade it for something else. Hurry, because the event only runs until the end of September.

Check out the pictures here to see what DrFran’s alt put together. Most of the items are not rare, but still scrumptious:

Gacha One Picture. DrFran’s Alt is wearing:

Shoes: TD Templates: Ladies MESH Zipped Ribbon Flats Green
Stockings: {Sugar Heart} Junk Food Tights ~ Nacho Girlfriend / Salsa
Nightie: Tee*fy Aurora NightDress – Passion
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy – America 4 with Freckles tattoo
Hair: D!va Hair Giz (Type A)(Red amber)
Fish: (Yummy) Sassy Red Fish (packed in a plactic bag and worn unpacked
Backpack: B.C.C I love toast Backpacks-Ham&eggs

Apple Fall: His Sideboard RARE (my favorite), Apple Fall Arrow Collection and Jute Rug

Gacha Picture 2 (Close-up)
Bracelet: ASO! National Flag Bracelet (Sweden) gold
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Jazz Hands Frog - Black
Necklace 2: Sleepy Eddy Pocket Watch Necklace – Black

PURE Perfection Hunt

I stumbled across this super-easy hunt while I was looking for a hunt item at PURE Perfection. You have to find the 15 sculpt hearts that are sprinkled obviously throughout the store. I am wearing just two of the prizes (5 Lindens apiece) in the picture: The Sexy Nerd Outfit (complete with adorable eyeglasses and a smartphone to wear) and the Mesh Cowboy boots, which really just look like tall black boots—perfect for wearing with everything! PURE Perfection can be found at:

So, get going, save Lindens, and have fun trading your gacha items.

DrFran Babcock

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