Thursday, February 12, 2015

DrFran’s Alt Goes Hunting: Furry Fashion Valentine Hunt

By DrFran Babcock

On these pages I have said often that I think the furry community does not do a good job of promoting or providing freebies. My alt, Desirée, has been itching for a hunt for a while, and since she became a white tiger she has been at a loss to find a good hunt.

Thanks to my boss, Bixyl, I saw a press release for the Furry Fashion Valentine Hunt, and decided to have Desirée take up the challenge.

The Hunt

The Furry Fashion Valentine Hunt asks you to find twenty roses that are hidden on the Furry sim, home of the Furry Fashion Main Store. The sim is quite a lovely place, and Desirée found herself returning over and over again to pose and just spend time. Great care has been taking to make the environment a pleasing one, and the owner, Amethyst Crystal, has succeeded admirably.

The roses are not too difficult to find, but some of them are tricky. Each one contains an item of clothing, and all of them were keepers. Desirée’s favorite was the sexy DJ Outfit, all in black, with musical G-clefs acting as pasties, but all of the items are worth having. Both male and female apparel can be found in the hunt, and there’s a useful tuxedo for the gentlemen.

If you look at the pictures you will see that the high quality of design and color sense is apparent. In addition, several of the clothes are color change, making them even more useful for people who like to coordinate outfits.


Hurry, hurry. The hunt only runs until the 15th of February. I have asked that it be extended, but at press time, I had not heard if this was so. If you are furry, and you want to expand your wardrobe, this hunt is a must for you.

The hunt is here: Furry Fashion -

DrFran Babcock

*Addition* The hunt has indeed been extended to February 22.

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  1. Looks like they extended it to Feb. 22, DrFran!