Friday, November 10, 2017

The Gacha Garden

By Shaza Denver

Hello Readers,

As promised I am going to send you out on a journey.  Today's journey is an event that has been around for some time: the Gacha Garden.  Who doesn't love gacha!!??

My daughter was kind enough to drop me the LM.  I think she had a motive though. She might be as addicted to gacha as I am.   I mean come on.  Its like finding the prize at the bottom of the cereal box.  You see this fantastic prize.......the rare,  so you just have to keep going till you have it.  This event runs from Nov. 1st  through Nov. 30th. so hurry on over.   Some of the creators have been kind enough to set out gifts for us. How lovely is that? I say!  I will show you a few of the gifts that I gathered up.

At first it was a bit hard to get in as this is a much anticipated event.   Its pretty easy to teleport in now. 

You can read more on how to play at

Gimme Gacha Productions (127, 238, 25)

This pretty hair wreath from .::Nanika::.  in yellow just screams fall.  I coupled the hair wreath with the free gift they have set out for you.  The earrings are so delicate and such a lovely color.  Let me give you the LM  to the main store for you to check out as well.  The gacha at the event has a few different types of hair wreaths.  The rare will come with a hud that will make available 5 different colors of the wreath.  At 50L a pull thats some deal!  Good luck and enjoy.

Serena Almeria (42/86/2002)

I am going to give you one more sneak look at an item at the Gacha Garden.   This one will be something for your home.  Now if you have never visited Goose,  you really must.  A fantastic creator,  that makes high quality designs for our home and garden.  They are at the gacha garden this round with a outdoor living set that is so comfy looking you just want to melt into it.  At 75L a pull its a real deal. The rare is going to be the bench in PG or adult versions.  They have a great gift set out for you as well.  Get on over and grab it up and try your luck at the gacha.  You won't be disappointed.  Let me give you the LM to the main store.  Go give them a look see.  I think  you will like what you find there.

GOOSE - Home & Garden, Oyster Pond (174, 111, 31)

Enjoy this journey.  I sure did.  My wallet.....not so much!

Take care till next time.


Shaza Denver

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