Monday, November 20, 2017

The Jerky Turkey Hunt

By Shaza Denver

Hello Readers,

Today I am writing to you about a long standing event that happens every year here in Second Life.  Its a hunt.  As promised I am going to be covering events and happenings in SL that are of interest to you our readers.  This time out there its a hunt. 

As its almost Thanksgiving here in the states,  there is a hunt that has been around for years now that I follow.  I look forward to the Jerky Turkey Hunt every year.   Not only are there fantastic creators involved, its a well put together hunt.  The clues are easy to follow and the prizes ....... well you will see as I am going to post a few.  

I have always found thought that creators should put their best foot forward when it comes to gifts and hunt prizes.  It gives a creator a chance to showcase their product in a favorable light and reach people in a fun way.  The better the prize,  and the quality of that prize,  the more apt you are to go back and shop at that store.  At least that is how it is for me.  Also if you are there to get the prize,  you might join the group if you are so inclined. 

Now on to the hunt.  The Jerky Turkey Hunt has been around Second Life for years.  Its a fun hunt with a total of 53 stops.  Each prize cost 1 linden.  As I am going to show you, some of these prizes are well worth that 1 linden.  

There is a web site with easy to use landmarks,  and even easier clues to follow that will help you along the way with this hunt.  I will say,  follow the clues to the letter,  and you will find your prize.  Your looking for an orange turkey feather.  Here is the addy to the website.

That's the landmarks and hints page of this hunt.  There is also a picture of the item you will be hunting.  This hunt runs until November 30th.   So get out there and get going.  Your going to love it!

Let me show you some of the prizes to be found. 

This cute little jumper dress is the prize from Mooh.  Its called the Jenny Dress.  I just love how cute it is. 

Now even though its getting a bit of a chill in the air you can still pull off a pretty halter dress.  Everyone needs a nice semi-formal.  This prize from Grumble is no exception.  Its a lovely addition to your wardrobe.  This is the prize from Grumble, which by the way is the starting point of the hunt.

There is a pretty hair to be found as a prize at "Firelight".  I had never heard of this shop before so I took a bit of time looking around.  Its a gorgeous prize that comes
with a hud that allows you two color choices. 

I am going to be doing more of this hunt in the coming days.  I really am enjoying doing this hunt with my Second Life family.  I hope you will enjoy doing this hunt as well!

Until next time,


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