Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fabulous Budget Buys

By Syndra

   Hello my Gorgeous Bunnies,

Have you heard? There is a Heat Wave and it's coming our way! Don't worry though, this is one wave that you definitely want to get swept up in. Now through June 10th designers from all over the grid have teamed up at the Heat Wave Event, brought to us by the wash; to offer us fabulous summer 'wears' at affordable prices. Most everything at the event is 10L! That's right my beautiful bunnies, only 10L to add to that sexy summer wardrobe. But wait, there's more. Each designer has a special piece in their booth for an incredible 50L. That's it!

Not just clothes can be found while making your way through the wave. There are also fabulous accessories too! No outfit is complete without some shiny baubles and gorgeous nails. And, don't forget the shoes! If you wear shoes that is. ~winks~

If clothes, shoes and shinnies aren't reason enough for you to check out this shopping bonanza; there's furniture and other things to spruce up your home. Done with your spring cleaning? Fill your space back up with summer shopping.

Look at what I picked up for just 10L.

​Isn't is just just perfect for summer? And PINK! I love PINK! This is by Zesty and yes it is 100% mesh. Comes with the alpha layer too!

So shake your change jar and bounce your little bunny tail over and check it out before it's too late. You won't want to miss it.
   -Fluffy Kisses
                   Love Syn

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