Monday, June 15, 2015

The Indulgence Fair

:::Whats hotter than that weather?:::

Hello my beautiful bunny babes,

  The weather is hot and so are you. What we do behind closed doors is your business and the business of whomever you do it with. But if your looking for some fashion that will accentuate the sexual vixen that is you; then you are in luck.

Through the month of June, there is the Indulgence BDSM&Kink fair. Doesn't the name alone make you want to pour yourself into latex, lace up your stiletto boots and head on over?

Over 50 of the most amazing designers have come out to make sexy clothes, poses, furniture and props for all of us beauties to use in the exploration of our imagination. Whilst erotic fantasies and role-play might be running rampant in your mind, you have to be there to satiate them. But, let me share a few of my favorite designers that will be participation in the event with you. I love to share.

These are from Pervette. She makes everything from stockings to sexy little lace pieces, even a few tattoos. Some of her clothes even have appliers for our mesh bodies. Don't you just love when designers indulge our meshy desires?

And don't worry, there is plenty from her that satiates the Lolas lovers as well.

Glitzz is another one of my favorite designers that makes a statement at this event. You can find all sorts of sensual mesh offerings from the designer, both fit mesh (which adjusts with some of your body's sliders) and standard mesh sizes. Both of these options work well with our mesh bodies.

And look! From Lady X an Indulgence fair sale. Looking for a new bed for private time? Can't beat a sale! If designers that mix fashion and pleasure aren't enough to get you there, and a sale on...lets face it; a bedroom essential. Then you don't want to go! Don't miss it, make the hot weather envious.

~Love Syn

PS: <----I've got extra rope if you need it ;)

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