Monday, June 1, 2015

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

By Syndra

Come one...come the Fantasy Gacha Carnival! Step Right Up my little bunny darlings!

    Come grab your ticket to this round's Fantasy Gacha Carnival. From now until June 5th. Plenty of shopping days left, to scoot on over and see what's in store. This rounds theme is Goth, Demon, Elf, Black Caste and Urt. I am sure that there will be something for each bunny and a few things for those of you not so bunny. That's right guys, you weren't left out. There are a few things for the men as well. The gachas vary as far as price per play goes, but I didn't see anything over 75L a play. Just like every great gacha fair, there are some special things set out by the designers and a few limited edition buys. Don't you just love limited editions? I do!
With designers like !go!, Luas, Tia, On a Lark, and Axix; you would be a bad bunny not to go take a peak. There are over 70 designers with goodies up for grabs. Don't forget, all gacha items are transferable. Collect all the pieces to a much wanted outfit, and trade or sell the duplicates. Everything in moderation though, don't spend all of your extra pennies in one place. 
What I won at the carnival...

!gO! Drow Girl White: Top and Apron (Come separately from the gacha machine) Comes in four colors. White, Red, Purple (Commons) and Black (Rare)

It comes with the alpha layer, and I love it. Its super sexy whilst still covering your naught bits. There are matching shoulder Boleros that can be won as well which are really nice. ( I have them but opted not to wear them) 100% rigged mesh and comes in the standard mesh sizes.
   See you there!
Fluffy Kisses and Bunny Tails -Syn

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