Friday, June 19, 2015

Fabulous Flags

By Syndra

Dear Bunnies,

   Guess what is on its way? That's right, FLAG DAY! Well, the Fourth of July here in the states. But other than actual flag day, whats more red, white and blue than the fourth? Fireworks, festivities, food and lets not forget a perfect excuse to show off your beach body. Even if you're not in the states, red, white and blue are still beautiful colors to flatter any bunny's figure.

Not sure where to look? That's ok, sweet Syn will point you in the right direction.
Now, I've been doing some thinking and though I have a mesh body, and most do; there are some that don't. So, this little offering below is just for them.

​This is from ALI'S ATTIC. At 25$L it is a steal. For classic avatars only, so no mesh. But for you bunnies in love with your classic body this is a beauty. The best part? Its full perms. That means you can wear it for the fourth and if you are any good at using png templates then you have lots of swimsuits that you can make and wear. Talk about value!

​Now, for my mesh addicted bunnies, here I offer you a bikini from Wasteland Outfitters. This comes in the five standard mesh sizes that we all know and love and it can be worn top and bottom separately or in a top/bottom single combination. It shows you off but still leaves a little to be desired. At 100$L it's definitely not a bad buy.

"Well Syn," You might say, "I'm more of a one piece bunny."
Don't worry, I've got a pick for you too. No one gets left out if I can help it.

​This is from Jane Westminster/London People. Its a sexy, simple one piece and covers far more than it shows; for more conservative bunny beauties. I will point this out, it isn't mesh. However, this has the system layers for classic avies and appliers for Slink Physique, Wowmeh, Mesh Project, Lolas Tango and more. At 140$L I would say it's worth the buy. If you are like me, and I know that lots of you are; you own more than one mesh body and love being able to get your favorite outfits with all the appliers instead of having to purchase them separately.

Enjoy the beach my beautiful bunnies,

More Flag Fashion to come

                                       Love Syn

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