Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Arcade Is Here!

By Syndra

Hello my beautiful bunnies,

  I am soooo excited! Its here, finally after all the waiting and the teasers; the ARCADE GACHA EVENT is here! So, here are the details, its from June 1st to the 30th. There are nearly a hundred designers with exclusives that are sold at the event. So far, I have picked up the Yummy Necklaces. Aren't they gorgeous?

If you make your way to the event, you should stop by the Pixicat machine. Don't you just love Pixicat? I know I do. The mesh is so sensual and sexy it makes anyone want to show off their beautiful pixels. This month she's offering Temptation, a set of curve clinging corsets aimed at stopping hearts.

And look bunnies, drag the bunny boys along as well. This round of the Arcade Gacha Event also features DRD and some looks for the boys as well. With 20 Items to collect at 75L a play; you can't go wrong. Thanks DRD for showing the guys some love!

Even if the bunny boy in your life won't go with you; you can always make a friend there. Tell me these aren't the cutest most adorable things that you have ever seen! Don't you just want to love them and squeeze them and take them all home forever?

There is so much to see and spend money on...once you are able to get on the sim that is. Since the event opened, I had tried for hours. I jest not my bunnies, hours to get into a full region. But, lucky for me a friend turned me onto this thing called the LazyGuy-Get me in Hud by Brooksie Brooks for 59$L.

You know what it does? It will try to teleport you into a region via landmark every 2.5 secs. So eventually you will get in. Which I totally did. Still it was crowded but, I finally got a chance to try my hands at the machines and scoop some goodies and I tell you what, THE WAIT WAS WORTH IT!

It's so beautifully done, like playing at an actual arcade for awesome prizes. Don't wait to go though, because I guarantee it will be jampacked the whole time. So try to get in when you can.

Goodluck at the arcade,

        Love Syn.  <----Quarters go here

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